An unexpected purge!

In a world where cats lurk around every corner. (I’m not joking, there’s 4 of them.)

Where dinosaurs guard my bedroom, thanks to my protective toddler.

I thought my plan today would be directed towards decluttering my closet but instead I had the pleasure of clearing this disaster.

Last night my father decided we needed a new microwave which left us with a hole filled with all the junk my family has accumulated over the years (I’m talking a over solid decade). It was so bad. The before picture does not do it justice!

I found erasers I clearly remember using in elementary school, batteries, buttons, random keys, so many expired fliers, and just plain garbage!

Surprisingly more pens and markers were in perfect condition than I thought there would be!

For an hour’s work, I’m impressed! Who knew there was that much counter space under all that junk!!

(Not pictured: the pile of cookbooks my Mom plans to keep in that corner, important paperwork separated and saved from the junk mail pile).

Question for the audience: how do you feel about items left around the microwave? I’m definitely not educated enough but I feel leaving clothing, chemicals, foods, etc., around the microwave for long periods of time makes them unsafe to use. Yet, I nuke my food daily. Am I alone with this opinion?


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