Not All Days Are Great Days.

I’m a perfectionist of sorts. When I start a project, I want to finish it quickly but precisely.

Because of some health issues which I can only assume are the result of withdrawal, I took it easy but not lazy today.

I go through spurts where I’m clear headed and have an abundance of energy. I decided to take advantage of those moments before the dizziness and anxiety set back in.

Surprisingly I got more than I thought I would done today.

In regards to my daily tasks I’ve set for myself, not only did I make my bed but finally got fresh sheets on it! That’s two birds with one stone in regards to my weekly tasks. It originated from putting a load of laundry away to discover I had new clean sheets! Adulting can be sad when what excites you is the discovery of clean laundry.

For those who may follow me on social media, you’d have seen this post. My son has recently taken up juggling (or his version of juggling) and dumped his dry cereal everywhere. He wasn’t getting more food until he picked up the wannabe corn pops made from beans and lentils. Even though it was not part of the plan, the vacuum was brought out because somebody thought it would be a great idea to squash the pieces of food into a fine powder in my carpet.

I do not know the author of this beautiful piece of work. It’s not mine though.

My breaking point today though had to be when I was on the phone with my doctors office to find out why my pharmacy still had not received my prescription. As it turns out the secretary argued with the pharmacy who claimed they had not received anything. So even though I have been suffering and inquiring everyday, I get to continue to suffer because someone at the pharmacy made a mistake and instead of owning up or fixing it, they waited until I lost my mind to get another sent. (Edit: As I finished typing this article, my mother came home with my pills. The pharmacy apologized because they had been ready for the past 4 days but were labelled under my mothers name. Not mine. I blame her slightly for giving me the same name as her. This has certainly not the first time “Margaret” has caused issues in my life).

All the while, my son was having an adventure playing in the toilet: scooping water out to put in his potty then dumping that on our living room carpet. You could say it has definitely not been my day.

After all that tidying and cleaning, crying and pacing, I had to take a break. This break left me bed bound because of how fast the room was spinning. Thankfully I have many forms of income that allow me to work from my bed with ease. The work never ends.

It’s safe to say, he’s lucky he’s cute!! I can only hope that tomorrow leads to a better day!


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