Where Have I Been?

Talk about a hiatus! It’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve written anything.

I certainly do not deserve the title Rural Minimalist. My current status would describe me more as a Rural Hoarder.

As the Wiggles’ song I have stuck in my head goes, my life has been turned “up, down, turn around – everybody clap!” but please don’t clap, I may cry.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever come back to writing but WordPress made that decision for me when my domain and blog renewed itself this week. I’ve just spent an hour reading my previous posts and remembered how great of an outlet it can be for strangers to peer into the windows of my life as I burn it all down.

Remember this Ham? He’s not so little anymore!

What have y’all missed?

My son turned two back in September, I no longer have a “Husband,” and as the piles of junk rise up to overwhelm me the only bright light in my life is that my career is thriving. I have 2 employees to assist me as I continue to try and balance the overworked, single Mom stereotype.

My mental illness continues to rule over me. I’ve been off my Happy Pills for 2 weeks now, cold turkey, because my Mother threw away my prescription refill and my doctor is taking his sweet time sending a new one to the pharmacy who won’t give me any medication without one.

Essentially, the withdrawal is insane and my demons are out in full force ruining (or attempting to) any positive relationship I may have left.

While I attempt to keep my head above water, an additional weight trying to drag me down is my crippling chronic illness which has only gotten worse in the months I’ve been silent. I’ll get more into that once I finally have answers.

So after all of this I realized it’s time to take back the happiness I had not too long ago.

“Cross your T’s and dot your I’s and never let them see you cry” ~ Miranda Lambert

I’ve registered with the amazing Allie Casazza who is a minimalist Mom to multiple children. She has a bootcamp which will be the kick in the ass I need to get back to where I was.

My first day will begin tomorrow as I conquer my first task: Bathrooms and Closets.

Be kind. It’s not a pretty sight, but with you as my witness I will get back to a decluttered life again.


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