Declutter Like A Mother Bootcamp pt 1!

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I’ve joined Allie Casazza’s Declutter Like A Mother Bootcamp.

Today I tackled my main bathroom.

It felt so good to have a purpose today. The holiday’s have been rough. When I don’t work, I tend to lounge about and do as little as possible.

This morning I created a cleaning schedule in my bullet journal.

Then while everyone else napped this afternoon, I purged and then cleaned my bathroom.

After sorting through the garbage and clutter under the sink, these items were placed in the donate pile.

I advertised them on my personal social media as well as in a local Mom buy-sell-trade group. Since there were no takers to literally take them (they were posted “Free to first taker!”), I’ll be swinging by my local food bank to donate these unopened items. Hopefully someone else gets better use of them than the dust bunnies under my sink did! At this point I really see no point in trying to sell them when someone may truly be in need of them.

The second step to the challenge was to tackle my closet. I may tackle that one tomorrow or Tuesday. I don’t have the energy after today. “Fibro is a beautiful thing!” said no one ever.

On second thought, that one may take a few days to complete. The dresser needs to be taken to the dump! Baby steps…


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