Behind the Scenes

Good evening!

I’ve been working on a few new projects. Mainly I’m back on track with my journey through minimalism.

At the beginning of this week, we had the local kidney foundation pop by to pick up household items and clothing. Did they ever hit the jackpot here!

3 boxes full along with 2 giant green garbage bags hit the curb this week. You wouldn’t even know it though. Our house it still bursting at the seams.

My goal for tomorrow is to organize the many thing bought at Costco this past week. There’s packages everywhere. Deodorant. Toilet paper. Baby wipes. Everywhere.

My son is also very much so ready for a big boy bed. Which brings me to the second goal for this week.

I would like to declutter his room to the point of which I feel comfortable leaving him alone in, unenclosed. I’m so nervous about this step. My baby is getting far too big for his britches.

I’ve also met many personal goals this past week. My taxes are completed. Appointments have been rescheduled. I’ve been much more patient with my son as well. We’ve been burning energy outside and I’ve been going with the punches, which is whatever he wants to do. I’m so over fighting with a toddler every second of the day.

Sadly, the one goal I did not meet was maintaining life in Ketosis. Yesterday was far too stressful on me and I ate 4 bowls of pasta. After a month of barely having a cup of pasta a week, you can be assured that I’m feeling it today. My body is in full flare up mode. I’m exhausted.

Today has been nothing but clean eating and that will continue until I feel healthyish again.

Thank-you for bearing with me through all this. I plan to be back regularly, 2-3 times a week. Stay tuned!


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