You Win Some but You Lose A Hell of A Lot.

Last month was interesting.

I kept myself busy trying to learn the ins and outs of Keto.

I have given up many of the foods I love which include pasta, rice, ice cream, and pop.

I am still trying to find a balance that works for me though. I’ve had a few slip ups, but I regret nothing.

The first week was hard. I needed to find a way to get my electrolytes balanced. Once I did, I conquered the Keto-Flu.

I still find myself craving carbs and sweets though and as a result I found certain things I can enjoy. These include carb and sugar free Soda (basically carbonated water with flavouring), sugar-free ice cream (which I thought I would never have again), and baked eggs and cheese that tastes similar to garlic bread without the carbs.

Thankfully, a local woman sells homemade, pre-made Keto meals for a very reasonable price. I am looking forward to my order being completed so I can enjoy empanadas, casserole, chicken alfredo roll ups, garlic bread, and lasagna all Keto friendly.

I am nearing the 3-week mark and despite my slip ups, I’m noticing some results. I’m no longer bloated from a small meal, I don’t get nearly as many headaches, and I physically just feel less blah all the time.

The whole reason for changing my lifestyle was because my fibromyalgia pain is unbearable, my Doctor is useless, and I just can’t afford to pay for CBD oil at this point. This diet eliminates the foods that are known to cause inflammation in the muscles and joints. Since starting this diet I’ve had one random flare that was horrendous. I slept my way through that one and have felt great for two-ish weeks, with a few twinges of pain here and there. My fibro-induced IBS has sorted itself out. Life is relatively bearable.

I’ve also found myself a hobby to enjoy which makes my idle moments at work very enjoyable. I now love working on my bullet journal. Drawing relaxes me.

A lot of the stress has also been lifted from my life. We have decided to stop trying to buy a house. The universe just won’t allow us to move forward. We are going to stop fighting it and just prepare to rent again until the time is right for us. This way I can actually foresee us living in the area near my parents and my son’s daycare instead of having to move far away to find an affordable and reasonably priced home.

As both my “Husband” and I prepare for the busy season in both our lines of work, I’m continuing to try and find a balance of hard work and relaxation in order to stay in the best frame of mind.

Wish us luck!


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