Plugging Away

It has been a while since I last came on, although not nearly as long as the times before.

I’ve been plugging away at life with little time to think about anything else.

I have made some serious progress on the zero-waste front. A friend of mine introduced me to her friend who is crafty and makes all sorts of things.

I commissioned her to make 10 reusable produce bags (5 large, 5 small). That will take a large amount of stress off grocery shopping.


I am also 7 days into the Keto Diet/Lifestyle. I took this leap to help reduce the pain that comes with my Fibro, since apparently I can’t get any help from my trusted doctor, and I can’t afford CBD oil at the moment. This diet is supposed to reduce the inflammation of my flare ups and IBS, take away the brain-fog, and improve my overall way of life. All I had to give up was sugar and carbs. Y’all know how much I love sugar and how pasta has always been a huge source of comfort food for me.

Well, seven days in and I have finally managed my electrolytes so I don’t have anymore sugar-withdrawal headaches. I am no longer bloated and resembling a 4-month pregnant version of myself all the time. I can almost see my ab outline, which I haven’t seen in years! I have only given into my carbs cravings once, and didn’t experience the negative side effects I was dreading.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this diet has drastically decreased the amount of packaging waste I make. No more processed foods and the pounds of plastic they come in. The worst comes from my meat now, but soon a butcher will be handling that for me so no more Styrofoam waste!

My family isn’t convinced but is supportive and take me into consideration when making meals.

Slowly but surely I am regaining my footing in regards to the Minimalist lifestyle that made this blog in the first place.

I recently posted ALL of my son’s infant wardrobe and I have a woman interested in buying the entire set from 0-3months to 24months! This will make some large space in Storagepalooza.

I am also slowly purging our wardrobes and the little things my son ignores that just take up space. I bought myself a professional summer wardrobe (at 50% off!) so that means it’s time to clear the old stuff and finally release my maternity clothes to someone who needs them! I made it this far without another oops, it’s time to stop preparing for the worst case scenario.

So for now I continue to plug away tutoring, selling beauty stuff, and just hoping that I can tame whatever bug has made refuge in my son’s stomach because to say I am over cleaning puke chunks at 1am is an understatement.


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