4 Months Without Plastic Water Bottles

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When I started this blog back in December 2017, one of my goals was to reduce the amount of plastic I recycled every week. We have 3 recycling bins here and the majority of the time, they were all full. The biggest piece I noticed was water bottles.

The water in our taps does not taste the greatest. Before this journey, I would never use that water for drinking.

We would buy 48 packs from Costco twice a month and spend maybe $6 a month if we were lucky. That is 96 bottles a month!

I bought myself this glass water bottle from Chapters-Indigo, but in white. I love it! The only thing I wish it had differently was a harder to open top. My one and a half year old figured it out immediately and while it is great that he likes to drink from a regular bottle, the messes can get a bit out of hand. You can also buy this brand on Amazon, here. Amazon offers it with a straw cap, twist off cap, or smaller flip cap. My son has dropped my water bottle while I was holding him in my arms, the only thing that happened was the pressure popped the lid open. It’s a sturdy alternative, that’s for sure!

My “Husband” had a few Contigo water bottles that were bought for his job, so he has been using these until I eventually get around to buying him a glass water bottle of his own. I enjoy using them too, from time to time. I like that my son can use these on his own and rarely do I find a mess. I am currently thinking about buying him a few kid-sized ones and scrapping the sippy cups all together!

Our tap water still doesn’t taste the greatest, but I find if we fill our jug and leave it in the fridge, the cold takes some of the taste away. I just can’t drink it luke-warm. We have tried Brita filters in the past, but they don’t do bupkis.

Environmentally, this is a big deal. Nestle claims that 70-75% of their water bottles are recycled, while the Polaris Institute – an Ottawa based non-profit organization, claims that only 14% of all plastic water bottles get recycled in Ontario (Leslie, 2016).

In nearly 4 months, my family has saved at least 384 bottles from the landfill. Imagine what that number will look like come December 2018! That’s a minimum of 1152 plastic water bottles.

While that is obviously no where near the ideal amount considering our province’s population, it’s a start!



Leslie, Kieth. (2016, October 14). “Too many water bottles ending up in Ontario landfills: environmentalists.” Global News. Retrieved from  https://globalnews.ca/news/3003577/too-many-water-bottles-ending-up-in-ontario-landfills-environmentalists/ 



  1. Good for you! We don’t have good tap water either (I believe it’s potable but there’s a taste to it), I’ve been considering getting a Brita filter for the tap, but for now, we buy water from the dispensers at supermarkets. We have two 5-gallon bottles that we’ve been using for decades.


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