Just A Little Thankyou!

I know I complain about my “Husband” a lot. At the end of the day though, he always steps up to the plate.

Today we were supposed to go up North for a celebration of life for my “Husband’s” grandmother. All day I was prepping our son’s stuff and the stuff to give to my niece that I had boxed away. All day I also had a headache.

This headache wouldn’t quit and progressively got worse throughout the day. I tried medication. I tried hydrating. I tried eating a healthy lunch. Nada.

Even though it was basically a migraine by the time it was time to go, I persisted. We were late as is because I couldn’t find my wallet. My “Husband” filled the car and he and our son were not-so-patiently waiting for me. As I grabbed everything, I also picked up my sleep mask. I figured maybe I could kill this headache by napping the hour-ish it takes to get there.

We didn’t make it twenty minutes up the road before I dumped the toys out of a plastic bag and was asking my “Husband” to pull over. The minute I started heaving, he call his mother and cancelled. Which made me feel horrible but there was no way I’d be making it up the road and be present for a few hours of socializing.

He got me home while I cried. The pain was bouncing back-and-forth between my hemispheres and up and down my neck. Covering my eyes shielded me from the sun but also doubled my nausea. I really hate migraines.

My “Husband” took care of the baby while I ran inside to finish what I started on the side of the road. My poor Dad was talking to the neighbours when we came flying home, he was so concerned for me. I briefly yelled, “I can make it!” over his “what’s wrong?!?!”

Like that, I was done for the afternoon. I slept from 4-7:30pm. My “Husband,” without any instructions, got our son down for quiet time, made dinner, and did a few loads of dishes by the time I woke up. This made me want to cry.

After a quick glass of water, I was back to bed. He took over the bedtime routine without hesitation. I was so happy, I didn’t make any snide remarks about the mismatching PJs he dressed our son in.

He’s such an amazing Dad and great “Husband.” I honestly don’t give him enough credit! I’m so grateful to have him as my best friend and soulmate.


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