3 Down, 9 To Go!

I adore Spring!

The weather, the flowers, the baby animals.. Everything about Spring is just pure happiness.

I am really hoping I can keep this optimism up!

Let’s quickly recap last month’s goals;

  1. March was my no spend month.
  2. The 30-day minimalist challenge.
  3. Continuing on with the resolution we made back in December.

I’d say the result of my No-Spend Month was a big fat fail. I did spend less than normal however, which is something I took notice of. Every week I was not scrambling to find money to pay the bills even though we obviously make enough to cover them. We also made our goal of saving up 5% of our down-payment for our home as well as 5% of our overall credit card debt. The important thing is I proved to myself that I can meet those small goals. Which means I feel 100 times more confident that I will have my own home sooner rather than later.

If I were to do another, I would stock up on all foods prior (except the obvious essentials) as I also would with diapers, wipes, and cat products. I would also talk some sense into my “Husband.” He made this challenge far harder than it had to be.

For my Minimalism Challenge, boy did I ever fall behind.


I honestly just didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. It’s not the end of the world though, we made some huge progress this month. Some of the highlights included:

The pièce de résistance however, happened yesterday;

In regards to my resolution goals that I made in December, I’d say some are pass while I failed at some this past month.

Minimize something everyday:

  • Nope. While I did some days, everyday would be stretching it a bit.

If you need to buy something, ask the questions: does it serve a purpose? Does it bring me joy? Do you already have something similar? Do you really need this?

  • The main things I bought this past month, other than the essentials, were needed. I did need a new work bag and desperately needed some new materials for work. I regret nothing in this aspect. I declare it a pass.

If you buy something, whether it be for a family member (“husband,” son, or yourself) be prepared to purge 3 thing to make room for it. If you do not want to purge 3 things to make this room, you don’t really need it.

  • Well, I didn’t purge anything in regards to my work needs. I should donate my old purse though because I did buy a new work bag that replaced my old purse. Thinking about it now, I have quite a few old purses I could donate. In regards to this resolution though, I wanna say pass because other than the work stuff, nothing else was really brought into our lives.

Buy used when possible. Buying used means less waste.

  • The whole “not buying much” means less waste in general.

Stay positive. You can do this. This year cannot possibly be as bad as the last.

  • Fail. Big, fat, fail. Maybe this month.

Say no to straws. In January, purchase a reusable straw to use at home or in public. If you are in public and don’t have it with you, say no thanks. Keep track of how many straws you didn’t waste. I bet that number will be impressive come year-end.

  • Pass/fail. When healthy, I denied every straw. When sick, I needed them to get the fluids into my body. Although, my “Husband” is becoming more and more used to the no-straw concept. When we were out this week, he would bring me our soft drinks without even the plastic lids! It was wonderful to see him so involved.
  • However, one main thing I am looking forward to this coming month is the arrival of stainless steel straws with a cleaning brush that I got for free! So that will maximize the number of straws saved by who knows how much! Currently, we are sitting at 36 straws saved.

Which bring me to this month’s goals!

I do not want to put too much focus on a lot of goals this month. My business is prepping for summer registration, my niece is due in June so I have to pick up the slack on these clothes to give her, and we are going to be travelling to Kingston 2 out of the 4 weekends this month.

With that being said, this month will be my DIY month.

I want to learn to make as many things myself as possible. I want to stock pile homemade freezer meals. Anything and everything, my Pinterest is filled with so many new possibilities.


Happy Easter, from my family to yours!


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