Oh Hey Desire to Do Things! Where Did You Come From?

I know when I take my meds all is level in the world.

When the gastro hit this past weekend, I figured that there was no point on taking my pills during the vomit-fest because they wouldn’t stay down long enough to work. So I skipped them.

I knew I would feel down and out for a few days.

On Tuesday, I tried giving myself that list of things to do. I thought because of the accountability aspect, that would drive me to get something done that day.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

It took 4 days for me to bounce back.

To all my friends who I have been distant with throughout the past 4 days, I hope no one took offence.

Last night was an eye opener for me.

I came home from work and helped put my son to bed. Then I crawled into bed and suddenly woke up at 2am, took my pills, and the next thing I knew it was almost 8am. I felt like a new person.

I didn’t think I was that tired but I don’t know too much these days. I really need to listen to my body more though and stop trying to push myself when it needs to recover.

My brother ate the food that was reserved for my dinner last night, so I had to survive off an ice-cream float until 3pm. I rode that sugar high for 4 hours though. Impressive.

While scrolling this afternoon during my sugar-high crash/break, I stumbled upon this picture. This is my mantra for today.

IMG_1243 And handle it I did.

I started off by going through my son’s clothing. I filled 2 boxes for donation and another for my niece. That makes 3 boxes for donation this month.

I met with a woman who will be my temporary nighttime babysitter for the summer months if needed.

I removed all garbage from the main floor and the diaper genie from my room. For some reason, the puke bucket was still in my room. I scrubbed it myself and then left it out in the sun for the sun to do it’s stuff. Plus the chemicals were horrible and it needed to be aired out.

This led me to cleaning up the bathroom that I washed the bucket in. My family has a horrible habit of just tossing the empty toilet paper roll to the other side of the bathroom and going about their day. Today, I recycled 34 off my bathroom floor.Insanity. I washed the walls and the sink. I got side-tracked or otherwise the whole thing would have been cleaned when I was through with it.

What distracted me was my mother’s kitchen table…


This was on my list of things to clean up from Tuesday. I went to work.

The pile of tupperware in the corner is only 1 part of our collection. The other part had its own drawer.


You can’t shut the door if you move one piece. It’s ridiculous. Some of this stuff hasn’t been used in years! Some of it was in just down right nasty condition. Most were missing lids or their bottoms. I took our tall recycle bin and filled it with 75% of all of this garbage.

Now it looks like this and there is not a stray piece in sight!


I consider the end result of the table a huge success. I couldn’t do much with the paperwork because that is where my birth giver does her accounting.

I am quite happy with this result though!


Lets hope this drive sticks around! There is so much more that needs to be done.

Some side-by-side comparisons


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