No Spend Month – Weekly Update #3

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With 10 days left in the month we have reached our goal in regards to saving for our house. We are also on track to meeting our goal of repaying a percentage of our credit card debt. By the end of next week, I’ll be able to check that off my list too!

Baby steps.

In my original post about this no spend month challenge, I wanted to save at least 5% of our down-payment goal. As of this morning we are sitting at 5.68% and I am filled with so much joy! I know deep down that we will be able to do this. I am just so happy!

I have been so hard on myself this month and by no means in a good way. I bought my brother his birthday present, tickets to see Cole Swindell this coming June. The Minimalist in me gifted an experience over materialistic items that we can both enjoy because I will be joining him at the concert!

While I was slamming my self-control a friend of mine told me:

You don’t suck at it. No spending cold turkey is hard. I like to try and do a “don’t spend that much month”. If I can spend less than what I normally do it’s a win. Take baby steps? 75% to 50% to 25% to no spend.

That meant so much.

So when we all got sick this past weekend, I didn’t feel so horrible at all the take out that was bought. I needed easy meals I could feed my son. I needed something small that would help me stay alive through all of that. Plus my “Husband” needed to eat and the only thing he can cook is The Widowmaker.

It is what it is. I am over it and guilt free.

This week’s update:

Money spent on necessities (bills): $412.92

  • Extra debt repayment:$600

Money spent on exceptions:

  • Groceries: $56.46
  • Toddler necessities (New PJ’s, new cups, new pacifiers):$44.92
  • Gas: $105.87

Money spent on things we shouldn’t be spending money on:

  • Take out: $77.65
  • Car wash: $23
  • Concert tickets: $108.25
  • Work order: $123.03

Including all of the data from my previous posts, we have spent 101% of what we have earned! That’s 12% less than last week! Deep breaths. This coming 10 days can be dedicated to saving even more!

Next week will be better!


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