Pushing Myself Back Into the Game

If you took my blood pressure right now, I can only imagine it would be through the roof.

I sound like a broken record.

The majority of my family got hit with a gastro bug.

My son started it all on Thursday night with puking all over his dinner. My “Husband” was hit on Saturday morning, he woke up puking but was kind of feeling better come the evening – thankfully. I went to work, feeling fine, and worked 4 hours. I then went and babysat until the evening. Just before the parents came home it started for me. Luckily, the young ones were asleep (kinda) and the older children were enjoying a movie. I seriously hope I didn’t spread it to that family.

My phone was buzzing like crazy by the time I was dropped off at my house. When I walked in, seriously needing to find a bucket, my “Husband” told me that he was going to the hospital. Our son had decided to Superman head first on our slate table, something he has never done before, and had a massive goose-egg sticking out of his head! Apparently just before I came home he started projectile vomiting so my Mom, nurse Grandma, and my “Husband” thought it would be best to take him in to make sure he didn’t have a concussion.

I couldn’t go with them. I was so sick. This gastro was far worse than the one I had last month. I haven’t puked so much since I was pregnant. (Erika, I’m 150% sure I’m not now)

They kept me updated though the short time they were there. My Mom thinks the reason they were seen so quickly is because she knew the nurses working personally as they are her coworkers. I think it’s because a toddler may have had a concussion. Who knows. They were in and out in less than 2 hours.

The doctors said he wasn’t showing signs of a concussion but that we needed to monitor him for the next 24-48 hours.

How we survived the night, I’ll never know.

I was puking every 20 minutes. I was hyperventilating. My mouth was so dry which made me want to drink in turn made me puke. My “Husband” stayed up all night nursing me. Our son had a rough time sleeping so my “Husband” also took on being the co-sleeping mediator – making sure our kid stayed on the bed. I usually do this when needed but I was so out of it.

After 4 am we seemed to be in the clear. We were exhausted but still had to parent. Since I was the one who slept that night, I took care of our son while my “Husband” slept throughout the morning.

He had the gull to say I looked like I have lost weight again. I wonder why Honey?!

My poor mother caught this bug that day. She is still recovering. My very lucky Dad remained unharmed.

Today is recuperating day.

My “Husband” has to drive to Kingston to pick up my brother.

I have my game face on but my son really wants to push my limits today.

My first magic trick? Making his breakfast disappear! He refused to eat today. I gave him Cheerios and scrambled eggs, 99% of which landed on the floor. He literally smacked the plate of eggs out of my hand before I even presented it to him as an option.


Second, I had to get this terror to daycare via stroller. It’s a beautiful day here and the sun is shining, finally, but it’s cold. He didn’t want the sun shade open, he would flail until it went back. He didn’t want his blanket to cover the front of the stroller. He would pull it down and with that, pull his toque over his face and start whining. Anyone who saw me walking must have given me the pity look. We stopped every six feet so I could try to fix it.

I had to laugh though. My Facebook showed me a memory today from 6 years ago. Ah, Orillia Public Transit, how I don’t miss thee!



Errr, I mean – I love my son! I love my son!

So it has been a long morning to top off a long weekend. I am not letting that get in the way though.

I have taken some time to relax. Some time to blog, obviously. Now I am ready to conquer my to-do list. Since it is already after Noon now, I have a lot of work to do. Yikes.


All of these things, except for the vacuuming, need to be done. If I can cross these off my list though then that is six more X’s on our monthly minimalist challenge.

I am still plugging away at my work space though. Just when I think I’ve contained the beast, it pops back out in full force!

I have four hours until my sessions tonight, this seems doable. Hopefully.



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