No Spend Month – Weekly Update #2

It’s just me, forcing myself to get work done.

I am in the middle of a fibro flare. Thanks to my new meds the pain is very dull but the exhaustion is heightened. I am trying to force myself to stay awake today since falling asleep at night takes forever on days that I have naps.

I am behind on so many things.

My business is rounding its first year anniversary in May. While this is exciting on so many levels, this is also my first year doing taxes for my business. I have 6 months worth of finance reports to write.

I have to remind myself that if being your own boss was easy, everyone would do it.

I am also trying to look ahead to the busiest time of year for my business. Summer vacation. I started advertising and once again was swarmed with interest. I thought about hiring another person so I could help as many kids as possible.

A funny meme I saved to my phone from Facebook, not mine.

Queue flashback to last night’s anxiety attack.

I tried to make a rough schedule to see how many kids I can take on. I already have 22. Right now I am bouncing between 35 and 42. At first I was thinking that I wouldn’t work evenings because I want to be there for my son as much as possible. Now I am realising I may have to twice a week for the kids whose parents can’t make daytime sessions. So now that number will be closer to 50.

I also charge a fairly low price – $22 per hour for one subject, $27 per hour for two subjects. I do this because I know a lot of families cannot afford to pay what the major companies ask. I also only do individual sessions so kids can get the attention they need whereas many of the major companies take on multiple child in each session.

That is me giving back to the community but also trying to make a living myself. I started at $15 per hour when I opened my business. I have come a long way.

Last summer was rough because I was just starting off. I was barely sleeping, staying up until 1-2am making templates, working 7 days a week between this job and the job at the restaurant. It wasn’t pretty.

My mother suggested I take a day off this summer. I thought Sunday’s would work because that’s my shortest work day, 4 hours. Do you know how much money I would lose if I took Sundays off this summer? $600. Nope. Nope. That’s a big nope from me. Can’t do it.

So I decided to calculate if it was worth hiring someone to take the load off. At the rate I charge for sessions, I would only make a profit of $350 after deductions and taxes. It just isn’t worth it right now. Maybe in next year after I raise my prices again.

So at 11pm last night I found myself sitting on the kitchen floor taking deep breaths because I didn’t know how I could manage this summer with having a toddler to take care of.

My “Husband” is a farm hand on a sod farm, his hours are unpredictable. Rainy days he is always home. When I was pregnant in the summer of ’16, we were in a drought. He worked 50-60 hours a week. I can’t count on him when planning my work schedule I just can’t.

Thankfully, our son will be in daycare full-time until 5pm every week day. My mother can pick up shifts and still be home for him at the end of the day. I am not worried about the Monday-Friday, it’s the pesky weekends where there are no buses between my town and the city. Not only do I have to make sure that someone is home for my son but that I can arrange transportation for myself. I really need to practice driving in the city so I can get my G2 in the spring. That might take some pressure off.

Sorry that I am all over the place today. It’s a lot to think about.

Thank you to my friends who offered tips on meal planning and ways to cut corners on our budget without cutting corners on the nutrition aspect. I did read the comments, I just keep forgetting to reply. We aren’t really meal planning right now because my parents are generous enough to cover our dinners. The only aspects of food I need to buy are breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I rarely eat anything but leftovers from the dinners we have so I cut costs there. My “Husband” is the worst though, he would rather snack all day and that’s where we spend most of our money. I have written down all the tips given though and will be applying them when we finally have our own place and have to worry about all the meals of the day.

Now here we go. I am really hoping the math will not disappoint me this week when I share the results with you all.

This week’s update:

Money spent on necessities (bills): $1,158.47

  • I wasn’t kidding that the majority of our bills came out last week.

Money spent on exceptions:

  • Groceries: $175.97 (For more information please refer to my rage post directed at my “Husband”)
  • Gas: $115.58

Money spent on things we shouldn’t be spending money on:

  • Clothing that was on a clearance sale at Carter’s for an extra 25% off: $46.41
  • A paw patrol couch for my son: $25

I feel like I should explain these two purchases.

  • My “Husband’s” niece is very pregnant. We have grown close because of her pregnancy. I don’t normally like other people’s children, but when it comes to someone I care about, I tend to go overboard. I am so excited to meet my great-niece and spoil her to bits. She will be the only cousin my son will have that is close to him in age. Now when I buy my son new clothes, like I did today because I couldn’t resist spending $14.99 on a sweater and $10 on a onesie that will actually fit him, I also check out the baby girl’s section. I never had a baby girl, they have so much more variety and everything is so cute! I spent more on my son’s two items than I did on baby girl’s 3 items! That’s my reasoning.
  • This is a couch I have been wanting to buy for my son since Christmas. I wanted him to have his own space to hang out and relax. We live with my parents and there really isn’t much room for my son to have a space specifically for him. He hates his play pen so at least this area, as small as it may be, is solely for him. I bought it used off a local buy and sell for $25. Toys R Us sells them for $60! You can barely tell it was used. Plus, this smile makes it all worth it!

As I write this I am taking a very deep breath and reminding myself that the majority of the money spent so far was on bills. As of the 14th of March we have spent 113% of our earnings. Damn that truck. There was some credit card usage though (damn Carter’s and their sales).

Thankfully though, there were some savings made from the cash that I earn from my job. At the beginning of this month, we were at 2.14% towards our goal. Last week, when I reported to you all we were sitting at 2.56%. Today I am happy to report that we are up to 3.08%.

With 16 days left in this month, and all of our bills behind us, I am very excited to press forward and remain optimistic that we will hit our goals of 5% into the house down-payment savings and 5% towards the repayment of our credit card debt on top of the regular monthly payments. I am optimistic, I am taking deep breaths, and I am hoping to see less of this weather…


And more of this weather!


Can you believe that the snow storm pic was taken yesterday? The one above was taken a few minutes ago!



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