It’s Kind of Depressing

Last week we went for our exceptions grocery shopping trip. We spent $14.89 when our bill was $40. That was a happy day.

On Friday, we went again.

Spoiler alert. I suck at this game.

We did have to buy diapers though so that brought us up $30 higher than originally expected.

We barely had anything in our cart. There was a whole lot of fruits and veggies, a carton of eggs, a carton of milk, some non-essential items that would help get us through the month like rice, yogurt for my child, and my “Husband’s” snacks.


(There was a 3-hour break between writing the previous paragraph to this one)

Adding it up now, I realise that $31 of the bill was his snacks and $11.14 was the chicken he wanted for dinner that night. That, added with the diapers, brings us to $71.5.

NEW CONCLUSION: My “Husband” is the reason we spend so much money. I am not bad at this game. I just don’t have any support.

Going into this, my budget for groceries a week has been $50 – no more.

Do you know how much is left when you take away his crap food and the diapers? I’m not hating on the baby, diapers are a necessity. That one box will last us until half way through next month.


That is what I spent on groceries.

I think I am just going to leave him behind next week.




  1. Lol!
    Get him to help you meal plan his week!
    It also helps making things from scratch. I started that this year for things like pizza and make the dough. You can also buy dough for $2 at the itialiAn bakery in Barrie and it’d make 4 pizzas that size!
    They are fun for the family to make together as well 😊 the dough keeps up to 5 days wrapped in the fridge too!


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