Well Would You Look At That

My parents returned from their trip to Costa Rica last night.

A big surprise was that they want to include us on their next trip next winter, all three of us! Plus my brother, wherever he may be posted to. They missed us all too much.

They have decided on the Florida Keys. We will be driving down together and staying at the family timeshare.

I really like this idea because I can pack our truck with all the baby’s needs. I don’t need to check everything into the airport and hope for the best that it shows up in one piece on the other end after I pay an arm and a leg to check them in.

He will be two and a half at that point so it will be slightly easier than travelling with a baby.

I know my “Mother in Law” is reading this. Don’t worry Bev, we plan to come to the Dominican in winter of 2020. I want Ian to remember his first time there and not have to lug all the baby gear.

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My Dad and I have already sat down and talked about the budget plan. I am officially adding $50 a week to another savings pile in order to afford this little trip. Thankfully, driving is far cheaper than flying and we won’t have to pay for lodgings because of my Grandfather’s timeshare. We just have to pay for our share of the gas, food, and attractions. That is more than doable at this point in our lives.

PLUS they want to go away around my birthday next year! Happy 25th Birthday to me!




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