No Spend Month – Weekly Update #1

How did I think I would be able to jump into this month and cut spending instantly?!

It is not as easy as it looks or sounds.

We were doing so well!

Then last night when I got off work, as soon as I hopped in the truck, my “Husband” looks at me and says, “I have some bad news.”

The following conversation happened in a span of 2 minutes:

Me: “Is our son okay?”

Him: “Yes.”

Me: “Are you okay?”

Him: “Yes.”

Me: “Then what is wrong?”

Him: “Well our son is really hungry. I made him Cheerios and bananas, he ate all of that and was still hungry. So I made him a sandwich and me two sandwiches. He ate all of his and when I went to eat my second sandwich, I was wondering why he wasn’t hounding me for more. As I went to bite my sandwich, I realised that he stole the ham from it and was sitting behind the couch eating it. I am not joking, I couldn’t believe it. After that he was still hungry so I decided we could have a treat and we shared a popsicle.”

Me: “So what’s wrong then?”

Him: “Our son is still hungry. We are going to McDonalds.”

Me: “No we aren’t. We are going home so I can make dinner.”

Him: “Yes we are. Our son is hungry and I don’t think he could wait until almost 9pm for dinner.”

I have to admit, I was tired and was not in the mood to fight him. I was annoyed though because I told him we had Annie’s Instant Macaroni and Cheese that he could make for our son for dinner because I did work until 8pm. Apparently all the effort he put into making all those snacks was far easier than making mac n cheese.

At least my son was happy. This kid loves nuggets and french fries (he loves all food but that’s not the point.) He had a handful of chicken in one hand and 4 fries in the other and was dancing around the living room saying “Yayayayaya!”

At least I told the cashier no straws. So we are now up to 4 straws denied this month.

But it gets better! (Insert sarcasm)

This morning I woke up to realise that I had forgotten to take out the garbage, recycling, and compost.

I woke my “Husband” up and told him we had to take our garbage to the dump. He refused. He wasn’t doing it.

So I had to find a company to come get it. My parents return from their vacation tonight, the last thing I need them doing is stressing out about how stupid I was to forget garbage day.

I called a local junk collector company. They told me it would be $80 to remove two green garbage bags. The lady could tell how flabbergasted I was so she said she would call me back. When she did an hour later, I got lectured about how they normally charge $80 but because they were doing a pickup in my town already that they would take them for $25. That I could do. Plus, while cleaning my office area, I found a rogue $20 bill in a pile of papers. That covers the majority of this upset.

My stress level is simmering today. I have a very heavy plate of stuff to do and just adding these things to it doesn’t make me mad, but rather it triggers my depression. Now I am trying to push my demons back into the can they popped out of. They have been silent as of late but for the past two days I have been feeling “off.” With this happening they just sprang out in full force. It’s just a giant pity party here today.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

Temptation is EVERYWHERE.

Every morning I get emails about “amazing sales!” Do I ever want to just go shopping!!

I need things for work but the situation is not dire so I can wait until April to restock.

This whole challenge I have given myself is hard. However, it does give me the time to sit back and think if I really need these things. So far I have a small list of the things I really need, that I can’t stop thinking about that I need them. All other impulses get swept under the rug.

This week’s update:

Money spent on necessities (bills): $283.94

Money spent on exceptions:

  • Groceries: $14.89
  • Gas: $40

Money spent on things we shouldn’t be spending money on:

  • Take out: $34.12
  • Garbage removal: $25

As of this point in the month we have only spent 32% (everything above combined) of what we have made in the past 7 days. All our big bills come out at the end of this week though so that should be fun.

Thankfully, as of this coming Monday we only have 6 more bills spread out through the end of the month. That makes trying to save money even easier.

On the plus side in the past 7 days I have brought our house savings up from 2.14%  to 2.56% towards our goal! Every hundredth of a percentage counts here. Obviously at this rate we won’t make it to our goal of 5% but that will come at the end of the month when all our bills are paid for.

Now I take a very deep breath and jump into the next 7 days.


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