The Challenge of the Month

Life gets crazy, am I right?

I decided to just do the Minimalist challenge when I have the time. Saturdays – Mondays are a no go because I tutor for 12 hours and have 6 hours prep time when you combine my Saturday and Sunday schedule. Mondays, my son stays home with me, so unless he is on his best behaviour, I usually spend my day chasing him and cleaning up his messes.

Yesterday though I managed to squeak in some time because my “Husband” woke me up at 6:30am by hogging all the blankets. Once I am up, I’m up for the day.


I managed to get four items crossed off the list in a span of two hours.

I emptied a junk drawer filled with old bed linens and t-shirts that I never had the heart to throw away.

Today, I was heartless. I kept one tank top, the rest went into this month’s donation box. The old bed linens got tossed into the green garbage bag I have filled with old bed linens and towels to donate to our local OSPCA. It’s still not full yet but when it is, I will be sending it off for donation.

While we only really use Netflix now, my computer was filled with the movies and TV shows we downloaded prior to the Canadian Netflix actually being worth subscribing to. It also had music from prior to us using Spotify. All of it had to go. As it turns out, we had more downloads than I originally thought. IMG_0935

Well, they are all permanently deleted now!

I then took it upon myself to check my purse off this list. This is an ongoing battle. I use my purse as my work bag and sometimes forget to empty it more often than not.

I don’t know how it gets this bad. It’s not really that big of a purse! No wonder the one pocket has a rip in it now.

Now all my work things are in their respective homes, my makeup that I haven’t used in a few months is put away neatly, and all the garbage is gone.


Let’s see how long it lasts this time. (For those following my no-spend-month journey, that scratch ticket is one I found under a pile of papers on my desk. It was most certainly not bought this month!

Since today is the 6th, my parents return from their holiday tomorrow, and my son is at daycare for the day, I guess I should tackle our “kitchen table” also known as my office.

Y’all are gunna have to pick your jaws up off the floor after this one. I’ll post before and after pictures when it is complete. Wish me luck…


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