No Spend Month Grocery Shopping

I am not sure what upsets me more, the fact that all this small amount of food is valued at $44.89 or that once again my local grocery store didn’t have paper bags for the bulk food items. Either way, ridiculous.


As per stated in my original blog post, I needed to have exceptions. Fresh veggies are a must in this house hold. My son eats tomatoes as a snack. I love that about him. His father on the other hand, well, those chips accounted for the majority of his snack budget this week. The chicken made up the other half as he was adamant on having his favourite meal we call “The Widow Maker.” At least I was able to save and freeze some of the chicken for another meal later this week

Other exceptions were the buns (bread), milk, and eggs. I forgot to add eggs to my original post. I don’t know how, my family eats them for breakfast three or four days a week. Otherwise, we stuck to our budget very well. I went in saying we would not spend more than $50 tonight. I was so incredibly nervous and I don’t know why.

Thankfully, we just cracked open a fresh sleeve of diapers so we are set for a few weeks. Perks of sending the baby to daycare four days a week is that he does the majority of his pooping over there! Somehow the amount of diapers I pack lasts him the whole week.

Getting to the checkout, I remembered that I had $30 worth of points on my PC Optimum card. That took some anxiety off. We were under budget as is, but $30 is $30 no matter how you swing it. Sadly, no items could be claimed on Checkout 51 this week.

While my “Husband” mowed down on his Widow Maker, my son and I had chicken nuggets and orzo with tomato sauce and leftover broccoli from the night before. If anyone plans on prepping for a no spend month, I recommend buying a few boxes of orzo. They are cheap as all get out and you stretch your dollar so far! I used only 2/3 of a cup tonight and it filled my bowl and my son’s! (not shown)

At least the chicken nugget king was pleased with this meal. Barely anything made it to the floor! This includes the broccoli from last night that he wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole! Mom win!

I do have a confession to make though. This morning I was running late for work, like late enough that I had to push my sessions forward so that they almost overlapped. This means I did not eat before I left the house. I woke up at 7am and by 2:45pm I couldn’t make it any longer, a hunger migraine was starting to form and I still had 2 more hours to go before quitting time. I ran to Wendy’s with a handful of change. I even got a small drink, but thinking back on it a child’s drink may have been cheaper. My straw count for this month is still 0 though!


Ignore the Lisa, I just tell them that’s my name to avoid having to spell my real name. You don’t want to know how many times a year I get asked how I spell my name. After the first 20 years of my life, I just tell strangers my name is Lisa.

So while my grocery trip was a success, I also am disappointed with myself for my blunder. Next weekend, I won’t make the same mistake.


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