Expanding Our Budget and Our Tastebuds part 1!

In the wake of our “no spend month” I looked in the freezer last night trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight.

When I saw a pork tenderloin I wanted to try something new!

I found this recipe and had high hopes for its success.

We only had one tenderloin so I thought I would cut the recipe in half as it originally called for two tenderloins.

I had some time before we picked our son up from daycare so I started marinating it around 3pm.

I paired it with mashed potatoes for my “Husband,” sweet potato for me and the baby, and broccoli for all of us.

Our son took three bites and dumped it all on the floor. He didn’t like it.

My “Husband” barely ate because he took it upon himself to give the baby yogurt instead so I could eat. What he did eat, he said it was “okay.”

I enjoyed it. The only things I would change are that I wouldn’t mess with the original spice amount and I would make some extra sauce as it was a tad dry.

While I can see that my picture is rather similar to the picture supplied by the website, I’m still not insanely confident in how it turned out.

At least we tried, and we stuck to the rule of only eating what is in the house!


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