2 Down, 10 to go & my plans for this month!

This month flew by! It was probably being cooped up with the illnesses that made time pass so fast.

I was horrible with my resolutions.

I used far too many straws.

I bought many things new.

I was not happy.

I don’t really want to talk about it.

SO. On to bigger and better things!

This month consists of a “No Spend Month!” My inspiration comes from not saving anything this past  month and being told that our time here is limited. I am using this blog post as my guidelines.

Food wise, there will be no take out. Zero.

I have a small human to feed so obviously there will be some exceptions. Those include milk, fruits and veggies, and bread. He drinks water like a champ so I am not concerned about his fluids, but we still do milk bottles at bedtime or there is hell to pay. My “Husband” is also a giant baby sometimes and needs certain snack foods to be kept in stock or he does  midnight McDonald’s runs. Unfortunately for him, those are now capped on the budget. He has to make $20 a week work for snack foods which will be bought once a week when I buy the other exceptions/necessities. I will keep track of this spending though, providing full accountability to my audience.

Other exceptions that are obvious for me include: diapers, gas, bills, and medications.

Thankfully my son is too young to understand this concept and doesn’t pester me to buy him random things. One box of diapers lasts him longer than a month. At my first necessities shop I will pick up the one and only box for this month.

Another concept to be thankful for is that we buy our pet supplies at Costco. We have more than enough kitty litter to last the month and between my giant bag of cat food and the food my neighbour kindly gives us, all four fuzzballs are set!

What do I expect to come out of this? Savings.

We currently have approximately 2.14% of our goal saved for the down payment for our first home. By the end of this month I would love to see that jump to 10%, however, I will be satisfied with anywhere between 5-7%. We have 311 days to meet our goal and move out. That is $47.08 a day and $1412.40 a month. My “Husband” is on the hunt for a new job, I am working to maximum capacity at 7 days a week, this should not be so difficult.

I would also love to see some debt repayment on our credit cards. This would make my life easier as it would make my “Husband” less anxious.

I would like to be able to save enough money to repay 5% of our total debt this month, on top of our regular monthly payments. That’s $675. I think that is more than a reasonable goal on top of everything else.

Oh wait! There’s more!

A friend of mine kindly pointed me in the direction of a wonderful minimalism challenge! I will be taking this on as well. I am beginning to feel claustrophobic again in my life. Taking this on will hopefully relieve some of my anxiety.


Wish us luck! No spend updates will be once a week, while minimalism updates – as always – will follow daily.





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