Am I Really So Horrible?

Holy moly. It’s 9:40am and I’m done with today.

My son, who I love very much, woke up at 6am apparently. I say apparently because I slept through him playing until 7:30am. My mother heard him playing and didn’t think to grab him. No big deal though.

So, being the great Mom and “wife” that I am, I started the day with a smile and a plan.

I tried to wake my husband up for breakfast, he wouldn’t budge. Even when I sang “It’s pancake day!”

Whatever. Onwards I went and made pancakes and cheesy scrambled eggs. My son munched on Cheerios while I did my Mom thang. 20 minutes of hard labour later, (did I mention I hate breakfast food?), my son took one bite of a piece of pancake and threw the other 7 pieces on the floor. He ate maybe 2 spoonfuls of eggs, the rest joined their fellow pancakes on the floor as he looked at me and said “uh oh!” with a smile!

This is the same kid who cries when he eats all his pancakes because the pancakes are all gone! I don’t know what his problem was.

I was a little ticked, but there’s not much else I can do at this point. Down he came and I told him to go play with his toys.

He handed me a letter magnet and I put it on the fridge. He then took the school bus music thing and tossed it at my feet.

Angry-Hulk-Mom took over. You wanna act like a baby, I’ll treat you like a baby.

It was bottle and bedtime.

Even my “Husband” snapped out of bed and was brushing his teeth by the time I hauled the baby up the stairs. I’m not kidding. My Mom-voice is on point!

The big lesson I had to stress to my “Husband” was to turn off the Xbox that he had just turned on. Our son needs to learn that when you misbehave, your actions have consequences. Boys who throw toys at their Moms don’t get to watch Dinotrux before naps.

I’m trying to raise a half-decent human being, not a spoiled little boy. He may be spoiled with toys, privileges, and love but his behaviour is where I draw the line.

Am I really so horrible? I got smacked and yelled at as I carried him from my room to his. I told him “I still love you, but you need to make better choices. I hope you have a good nap and are in a better mood when you wake up!” I kissed him on the forehead and for 15 minutes or so he protested.

He is now sound asleep, and I find myself feeling angry at myself. I don’t know why. All I can do is continue with my day as planned and hope it gets better!


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