Mom, Who? Not Me! Part 3

Today, I write to you from my home office. The vacation is over. It’s back to reality.

We savoured every minute yesterday though!

We did not leave our room until 10:40am and checkout was at 11am. It was our last chance to sleep in past 8am and we took full advantage.

We then ventured over to Fallsview water park. I am on the fence about that experience. My “Husband” thought taking the stairs was our only option so he made me climb 6 flights of stairs to the last floor of the tower. I am not in shape. I was needing to stop and catch my breath after 4 flights while he bounded up them and teased me from the top of each flight. Jerk.

When we FINALLY got to the top, I discovered that I had left our passes in the truck! This time I told my “Husband” that we were taking the elevator down and back up. No way in hell was I even looking at those stairs again.

This time, before we went to the waterpark, we decided to grab some lunch. The Hard Rock Cafe was connected via an overpass between the hotel/waterpark and my Dad wanted me to pick him up a t-shirt from there so that was where we decided to eat lunch. Holy crap! The prices on that menu were insane! Initially we were going to get separate orders but I zeroed in on the duo fajitas which were $30 alone so we decided to split those. The waitress tried to tell us that it was only enough for one person. The only thing she managed to up-sell us on was two extra tortillas for $1. Lady, there was no way in hell my “Husband” was going to buy anything else. He was having a panic attack as is. Sure enough, we split six fajitas down the middle without needing to buy any extra sides like the waitress suggested.

They had a contest at the restaurant to win a one night stay at the adjoining hotel with a free meal at the restaurant so we both entered. Wouldn’t that be lovely to win? We have decided that our next vacation will include our son. We missed him too much.

The waitress also gave us a piece of paper that we could bring downstairs to the shop and possibly win a discount on merchandise. This worked out great as I bought myself a tank-top and  my Dad a t-shirt for 10% off. 10% off is better than nothing.

So I dragged my grumpy “Husband” back up the elevator and we signed in to the waterpark. The bonus about this place is when you rent a locker you get a portion of your deposit back when you return the key.

So this place was pretty huge. There is a kids area with a dumping bucket and water slides for the wee ones. My son would probably loved that. There was a wave pool that we avoided like the plague because of the sheer amount of children in the pool. All we could think about was the amount of pee in the pool. There were also 8 large water slides which is where we spent all of our time.

I discovered that I cannot ride a regular water slide anymore. I’m not sure if it’s my fibro or what but the only water slide I went down without a tube made all my muscles seize up. Walking still hurts today.

The two other water slides we went down were so much fun though. We went down one separately. The wait for that one was not horrible, we waited maybe 15 minutes. The last one we went down was obviously the most popular because it had this bowl thing that you went around in. We did that one on a two-person tube and we had so much fun! It wasn’t worth the 40 minute wait though.

Image result for fallsview waterpark
Not my pic ((Pic source)

After that one, we were just tired and wanted to go home to our baby.

I had to laugh at the last bit. I have warned you guys before that I am a sharer and sometimes I share too much. This may be considered one of those times.

When changing in the change room I opted to just quickly change against the wall instead of going into the stalls. I really do not care. We are all females, except for the moms who choose to bring their sons in there instead of using the family change room. As I was changing 3 female teenagers came in and the following conversation ensued between them:

Teenager 1: Can we change out here? (obviously shocked at my decision)

Teenager 2: Yea, you can change wherever you want. I think I’ll change out here too.

As I removed my bottoms I thought my sweater covered my butt.

All 3 teenagers at once: Oh my god!!

Teenager 1: I think I’ll change in the stall.

Meanwhile, I am laughing to myself. Looking over my shoulder and they all turn away.

I am used to swimming at the local pool on the military base. There are no stalls for changing in the ladies room, you have to use the bathroom stalls, the shower stalls that have a shield (they only had open showers here with no option to be shielded), or change in front everyone else, just like everyone else. My mother also raised me to be comfortable with my body. It’s skin and we all have it. Plus, I am not there to gawk. It was a strictly get-in-get-out mission.

From there we went straight back to our own turf. Our GPS had us avoid the toll highway which I would have rather used but my “Husband” was in “we have no money, I hate my life” mode.

We stopped for dinner in the city outside our small town. We were going to stop at the mall and pick up my birthday present, a picture frame, but the mall was closed after we ate.

I was craving scallops like a mad woman so I made him turn into Red Lobster for dinner. His attitude resulted in me ordering the largest adult beverage I could find! I enjoyed myself a Bahama Mama and 2.5 plates of escargot. I love those cheesy snails. I say 2.5 because as I ate the first snail from the second serving, I bit into a mouthful of dirt.

Thankfully the manager was very understanding. Not only did I get a fresh order, but they took $10 off my meal, which was far more than the escargot was because of their combo deal.

Today though I have a lovely breakfast of leftovers! Steak, lobster mashed potatoes, scallops, and green beans with mushrooms. Excuse me as I drool everywhere!

Our homecoming was fantastic. My son was in his playpen waiting for dinner. When he saw me he gave me the cheesiest smile! He then latched on to me in full-hug mode and wouldn’t let go, not that I wanted him too. He didn’t want his Dad, not his grandparents, just Mama. That made my heart very happy.


Like I said, we won’t be travelling without him for a long while.





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