Mom, Who? Not Me! Part 2

Can this be my life everyday? I’m writing this from a jacuzzi tub that I can lay in with my legs out straight. I’m a big girl, length wise, so tubs like this are hard to come by!

Today was marvellous. Does it make me less of a Mom for only checking in twice today? I miss him a lot though, so I hope not. When I did check in he was screaming on the other end, those feelings quickly evaporated.. I mean, I love my son! I love my son!

We started the day off with brunch, reminiscing about friendships I have lost in the past few years. This led to conversations about the friends I have gained and managed to keep who are not only there for me but for my son as well. Then Taylor Swift – 22 came on the radio and we silently jammed out while eating our omelettes.

We got to wander and see the falls today!

The U.S falls are always so much prettier to take pictures in front of. Canada’s falls may be larger but it’s always so crowded in front of them and the mist today made for less then quality pictures.

All the other tourists were bundled up, I had to laugh – here we were in hoodies!

We spent the afternoon playing games at the midway. Combined we won 894 tickets!

I felt bad because the kids next to us only made it to 230. We cashed out and were able to get our son a paw patrol stuffy and a small dog doll from the movie The Secret Life of Pets. I know he’s going to enjoy destroying those!

Before coming here we bought fun passes which give us access to activities here while saving us a handful of money. We got to use these to do a “6D rollercoaster,” a laser tag ride, and mini golf.

I beat my “Husband” pretty badly on the laser tag ride and was nearly crowned a master blaster.

The mini golf was glow in the dark. We did this activity last time and really enjoyed it! It was very crowded this time though, so it felt rushed. The artwork is always very interesting to look at though!

I think the only thing we wasted our money on was a round of bowling. That wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be.

We walked so far out of the way today, both of us were complaining by the time we finally reached the hotel again. However, we did pick up one very important tradition on our way back. I always get a custom birthday cake from Dairy Queen, all vanilla with a nice design. I preordered this one earlier this week knowing we wouldn’t have a fridge large enough to hold any extras. So we had to eat all of it in one sitting!

By the time I got to the end, my stomach hurt – but it was so worth it!

We both decided to stay in tonight instead of venturing out for another meal. I was hoping I would have a positive experience with Skip the Dishes but my food was not hot and it took forever. The driver collected the food, then returned to the restaurant, then took 20more minutes to finally leave and get to us. There’s always tomorrow, I guess.

Overall, it was a wonderful birthday! I have certainly had worse.

When’s the next time I’ll be able to lay in bed for 6hours straight from the afternoon through the evening without a toddler screaming at me or having to change a diaper? While having food (quality disregarded) delivered to my door?! I’m just sopping it all up! We still have one more day!!


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