How Did We Survive?!

Hail the conquering heroes!!

I am not even sure how my little family survived the past week and a half!

My “Husband” was officially diagnosed with bronchitis on the 13th. Thankfully his antibiotics kicked in and he is now able to breathe without choking on his lungs.

On the 15th, I caught a gastro bug and was down and out until the 19th. I could not function, let alone work or parent. I barely ate during this time period and lost 6lbs in 4 days. My “Husband” really stepped up and took over my role in the house. He helped so much with our son and all the housework while also caring for me. I can’t ever reiterate how much I love that man!

The icing on the cake though? Our son got sick on the 19th. I mean really sick. I was desperately hoping that he hadn’t caught what I had. We co-slept, something we only do when he is really sick, because it was the only way to get him to sleep.

On the 21st, he woke up wheezing. My gut told me to contact our family doctor. We managed to get an 11:30am appointment. By 12:30pm we were checking into triage at the hospital in the city at the referral of our family doctor.

My poor boy was so tired and so sick. He behaved so well as we waited to see the doctors. He did amazing while they stuffed him into a contraption to take chest x-rays. He finally passed out while we were waiting for the results. Our 17month old baby has pneumonia. I was absolutely heartbroken. He can’t catch a break.

Thankfully, he takes meds like a champ. After 10 days of antibiotics, I’ll have my happy-go-lucky baby boy back AND he’ll be back at daycare. This Mama needs a break!!



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