We Really Are Polar Opposites

My “Husband” is a night owl, there’s no doubt about that.

He loves to unwind in the evening to get some “me time” and play his video games.

I am a morning person as long as I wake up naturally. When the baby cries, my alarm goes off, or if someone wakes me up I become the grouchiest person I know until I ingest sugar.

I don’t like coffee. I don’t like tea. I like my caffeine through sugary drinks. That’s what does it for me.

I also get tired very quickly at night. After 9:30pm, there’s no turning back. My bed is calling my name!

Well, now my “Husband” has bronchitis. He has to wake up in the morning to take antibiotics with food.

He loves traditional breakfast foods while I can’t stand them. I love carbs, mainly pasta.

This morning, for the second morning in a row, I found myself making a large traditional breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, fried ham, and fruits.

I was disgusted. The texture of pink cakes makes me gag just thinking about eating them. The same goes for eggs. I can only swallow them if they have veggies mixed in. I don’t like bacon nor fried ham. I’m also very picky with my fruits I ingest.

My son LOVED it though. Now it’s 2 against 1.

You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The things I do for the people I love.

What is something you do for your spouse and/or children that you personally can’t stand?


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