Well At Least We Didn’t Have To Pay For It?

In August 2017, my “Husband” had to have an emergency appendectomy.

His bowel had been torn open, we will never know what did that. What leaked from his bowel led to an infection of his appendix. The appendix was beginning to burst by the time he finally agreed to go to the hospital.

They had to blow his stomach up with air to do everything microscopically. His recovery was very painful as the excess air slowly left his body.

Before his 4 week post-op appointment, he complained of pain. Mind you, that should be normal. He complained of pain when he went back to work at the end of September 2017, 5 weeks post-op. He has had moments where he describes his gut is on fire, other moments where he just has bearable pain.

Our family doctor finally sent him for an ultrasound in December 2017. Apparently it came back normal. I had to pester the doctor just to get the results. My “Husband” was still in pain. Our doctor couldn’t understand why so he organized another appointment with the surgeon who performed the appendectomy.

It is February 14th, 2017. We are nearing 6 months post-op. My “Husband” is still in pain. We waited an hour and a half past our appointment time in the surgeon’s office. Do you know what the surgeon said?

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you. We are so far past your surgery that this pain can’t be related to your surgery. If I could GUESS what it is, I’d say you have muscle strain. If the pain continues, see your family doctor for an anti-inflammatory.”

Guess? GUESS?! I’m furious. You operated on my “Husband!” The pain is coming from the area YOU “fixed.”

What a pair we make, right? I have a nerve disorder where pain is magnified by 1000. There is no known cure. He needs anti inflammatory pills so his stomach muscles stop hurting. At least we didn’t have to go bankrupt though to get these diagnoses, right?

I can’t stop feeling personally guilty. He has worked so hard to support me through my university education. He worked so hard to support me while I made our son. He has always worked so hard for us.

I’m talking 80hour work weeks. I’m talking him getting in a car accident and going back to work after talking to paramedics. Thankfully, his car accident was not his fault, he T-boned a girl who ignored her stop sign. He has never wavered though.

I should have worked harder, used my time more wisely, got my shit together before things got this bad. He should never have had to accept a job like that in the first place.

The next person who bad mouths any job decision or career choice my “Husband” makes, I’m going to go off with no coming back.

This is supposed to be our year.

I don’t know what we are going to do.

It has to get better though? Right?

Throwback to 2012, cause we were young, adorable, and healthy.


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