I’ve Been A Minimalist This Whole Time!

Well it’s been a god-awful day here in central Ontario.

Happy Hallmark Day to me!

My “Husband” and I have never been huge on celebrating Valentines Day. We have always said that we love each other every day, why should one be so different?

We verbally tell each other that we love each other at least 15 times a day 365 days a year. He is my best friend and amazing partner in crime.

Plus, before I met him no one ever made me feel special on Valentines Day. I should say my Dad has always bought me a rose, no matter where he was serving in the world, my mother and I always received our flowers from my Dad. However, no other boy ever gave me the time of day. So this has always just been a regular day.

I think once, 5 years ago, my “Husband” bought me roses on his way home from the night shift at the casino. It doesn’t phase me. Let the flowers live instead of cutting them up for a few days of beauty before they die slowly.

We usually just have a nice dinner and watch Netflix at home.

This year at Christmas, we were gifted a gift card for a bistro in the city! I had never been, but the reviews were amazing. I finally made reservations for February 13th because I worked on Valentines Day (who am I kidding, I work everyday) and didn’t want to wait long to get my food. I bought a new dress for the occasion. I was slightly disappointed in how it fit, but my “Husband” loved it. I don’t dress up often so it is always fun when I do.

When we rolled up to the bistro, the parking lot was empty! I couldn’t believe it. We were told we could choose whichever table we wanted because we were literally the only customers there! We chose a table on the second floor overlooking the whole restaurant. It was beautiful! Of course my “Husband” chose chicken wings, that’s typical of him. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried the crab dip! It t’was amazing! Our entrees were even better. I had the BEST pasta I have ever tasted and a platter of mushrooms and onions to accompany it. Oh my goodness. It melted in my mouth! My “Husband” went with the ribs and fries.

To end the night of romance, I splurged and ordered blood orange sorbet for dessert! Stick a fork in me, I was done!Between the candles, the romantic music, the restaurant being empty simply by coincidence.. It was like something out of a movie. I felt like a princess! I’ll take that experience 100 times over before wanting any materialistic items. Looking back on it, I must have been a minimalist this whole time.


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