Don’t Make Promises Knowing Chinese Food Is Coming!

I don’t even know what happened last night.

I didn’t get home from work until 9:30PM EST.

By that point there was a buffet of Chinese food waiting for me. I ate my weight in crab rangoons and beef and broccoli. This led to an immediate food coma. I briefly remember laying in bed and saying to my “Husband” that I had to update my blog, then the world went black.

So here are the results from yesterday’s mission.


It was a very successful day.

There is no longer any dirty laundry on my bedroom floor. It took 2 tall baskets to remove it all. Done!

Because I forgot to switch my third load of laundry from the washer to the drier, I do not count that chore as completed. Ah well. 2.5 loads is not a horrible day.

I started a new donation box! I am always proud when I get around to donating again. This box is half full. It currently includes baby clothes, a teddy bear that gives me the creeps, and a few dress shirts I hate wearing.

My “Husband” is in mourning over the loss of underwear that was riddled with holes. Say it with me now hunny, “We are not hoarders! If it has holes, it has to go”

Obviously I got my work done for the day. It was a good night, there was lots of happy dances to be had by all.

On the administrative front I sent a few emails, but those are never ending. I am still behind in paying myself, but that will come. Thankfully though, I did update my spreadsheet. Not only does that tell me how much each account has prepaid but it’s also my schedule for the month. I can’t do much if I don’t know who’s coming or not.

In regards to slave duty, that just didn’t happen. I spent some time outside shovelling part of the driveway instead. The snow never ends here. Spring is coming though, right?



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