It’s Accountability Day!

Image result for mushu mulan I LIVE
I LIVE! [pic source]
I do not know where my head has been these past few weeks. It’s all a blur.

My son got sick a while back from his molars popping out. I then caught some disease that started as a chest cold but turned into a full body zombie disease. My mother went out-of-town for the weekend and at the same time my “Husband” contracted the same disease as me. I mention this because my house is destroyed. When the two people who are the primary housekeepers become unavailable, the house falls apart. It’s ridiculous, but that’s my life.

Yesterday was spent trying to get a start on the laundry. There is laundry everywhere. It’s terrifying.

So I present the list needed to be completed due to you all keeping me accountable.


Thankfully, I only have two sessions tonight so I don’t have to spend more time sitting and planning.

My biggest desire today is to sort through my wardrobe and get rid of clothes I hate wearing or don’t wear. This is because I just purchased two new dresses and a new sweater. You all know my rule, purchasing new things results in finding a new home and purpose for unused things. It gots to go.

Plus, I donated 5 boxes recently. In my house filled to the brim with stuff, there is always something in the way. It’s time I start asking the key questions again: Does this item serve a purpose? Does this item bring joy to my life? Is it a duplicate? Is it unique? If I know the answer goes against my new found beliefs then it really shouldn’t stay here.

So. It is nearing 12pm EST for me. I usually crawl into bed around 9pm EST. That is more than enough time to get this done. Y’all will hear from me soon. I am off to minimise and sanitise. I know the weather is blah today here, but let’s put on some music and get ‘er done. Let me know what you are doing today!



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