I’m So Tired, You Don’t Even Know…

Example of a “Blue Moon.” Surprise! It’s not actually blue.

Do you believe that the moon affects our behaviour?


Coming from the education field, I know most teachers do. When the kids begin to misbehave more than usual, I have seen teachers check the calendar and sigh because we were in the week of the full moon that month.




Example of a “Blood Moon.”

I honestly do not know what I believe anymore. I am so exhausted. Last night my darling, beautiful, son who I love very much would not sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. When I had to get up with him for morning playtime at 7:30am, I could barely stand as I was so dizzy. I could not keep my eyes open. Thankfully, he went back to sleep at 8:30am and we all slept until noon.



Example of a “Super Moon.”

His daycare provider suggested maybe he caught the sinus bug that has been going around in our area. His damn molars are still plugging away, 3 out of the 4 have broken through while 2 are almost completely out. Maybe the “Super Blue Blood Moon” actually affects the behaviour of small children. Who knows! For all I know he could have just had a headache. He’s a baby, they don’t talk much. We did medicate him though, just in case. It didn’t work.


Regardless of my exhaustion though, we said goodbye to FIVE boxes of stuff today. My mother was running around the house this morning shouting, “Do you use this?” “What about this?!” and adding more and more to all the stuff we purged in January. We stored all those boxes in my son’s room because all he does is sleep in there. Now there is so much space! I can finally get around to rearranging it and preparing for the next big step for him: the big boy bed. We take that plunge next month when he turns a year and a half. He can finally get on and off furniture by himself. He’s so big, like 34″ tall (maybe bigger), it’s hard to dead lift him from the floor of his crib when he won’t stand and I have to bend over those bars.

Anyways! This was a very satisfying scene.


EDIT: Also, when originally writing this, I forgot to put a title on before I published. I imagine this one sung in the “I’m So Fancy” tone. Time for sleep in hopes Junior stays out of my bed tonight.




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