1 down, 11 to go.

Well my friends, our first month has come to an end.

So far I am not disappointed with my efforts.

Looking back on my resolutions for this year:

  • Minimise something everyday:
    • I need to remember that I even made this resolution because quite frankly, I was surprised when I reviewed my resolutions this morning. Imma just put that as my number 1 goal this month…
  • If you need to buy something, ask the questions: does it serve a purpose? Does it bring me joy? Do you already have something similar? Do you really need this?
    • I have not bought anything new this past month that could be considered non-essential. I am very proud of my finances  for January. Let’s keep that ball rolling!
  • If you buy something, whether it be for a family member (“husband,” son, or yourself) be prepared to purge 3 thing to make room for it. If you do not want to purge 3 things to make this room, you don’t really need it.
    • See #2!
  • Buy used when possible. Buying used means less waste.
    • I’m a broken record here. See #3!
  • Stay positive. You can do this. This year cannot possibly be as bad as the last.
    • If we exclude my little mental health slip at the beginning of the month, I’d say I have been pretty positive. Things have been going well to the that best they can in our situation. I hope things stay that way.
  • Say no to straws. In January, purchase a reusable straw to use at home or in public. If you are in public and don’t have it with you, say no thanks. Keep track of how many straws you didn’t waste. I bet that number will be impressive come year-end.
    • While I have not purchased a reusable straw yet, I kept track that I said no to 18 straws throughout the month of January. That makes me happy to see. It not a lot, but it’s a start.
    • My “Husband” and I discussed getting him a glass water bottle first and then purchasing our reusable straws. It only makes sense, right? I may take this time to upgrade mine and sell my old one. A 22 ounce water bottle would serve a greater purpose than a 16 ouncer did.

All in all, I’d say I am off to a great start. Minimising something everyday is now at the top of my daily to-do list. Life is pretty good here, for once.IMG_0316


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