People Wonder Why I Don’t Want To Do This Again!

I present the reason I have been absent the past few days.

He does not handle teething well. While his molars have already pierced the skin, they are large teeth and are taking their time and tole on my son. They are coming along nicely but in the past few days I have dealt with many unpleasant symptoms. These include projectile vomiting, fevers, and sleepless nights. I have received many cuddles though. Those are rare these days so I take them when I can!

Yesterday he was far better off. I kept him home from daycare, but was still able to accomplish more than I thought I would. I made a to-do list, simply because I love lists.

I thankfully haven’t had to take any time off work but I am severely behind in the administration aspect of my business. My home has also taken a huge hit. The laundry is literally piled everywhere because, you know, vomit.

I didn’t check off laundry, simply because only getting one to two loads done doesn’t count. It didn’t even make a dent!

Today’s list will include all the things I didn’t get done yesterday. I’m hoping to get as much as I can completed during Junior’s nap time.

Our minimalist lifestyle has been upheld, despite the fact I haven’t really spoken about it in a while. I’ve bought more takeout this week than I care to admit though.

My “Husband” and I have sat down and set some new goals together. We have some things to look forward to now with all these changes.


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