Give Me the Strength To Get Through Today.

It has been a long 24 hours.

Today marks day 4 of my latest flair up. Yesterday I had to work so I endured the mild burning I felt. By the time I got home I had shooting pain from the base of my neck to the tips of my fingers. Come dinner time, I lost all use of my right arm. This is by far the worst flair up I have ever had. While fibromyalgia is not a degenerative disease, the pain only increases over time. The worst part is that there is no cure. There is no one med fits all so my doctor is playing around to see which works and which doesn’t. Obviously, the prescription I take now does bupkis.

My son was up at 3am but my “Husband,” being the night owl he is, was able to take him. At 4:30am, I had to bring the baby to our bed and we co-slept for an hour. I don’t sleep well when he sleeps in my bed, so he went back to his own after the hour was up.

Come 7:30am, he was up again and eating his breakfast. By 8am, I was cleaning puke out of my couch and giving him Tylenol for his fever.

It’s now 10am. My Dude is napping with my mother, I can feel the pain returning in my left arm this time, and I have to work at 1:30pm. I can only hope the next 24 hours are better than the last.


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