The Most Ridiculous Thing I Have Read All Day

This morning I checked what my phone considers to be “news.”

The title was 7 common mistakes that explain why you never have enough money, so I thought it would be a good read. HA!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some good points. A leaky budget and a no rainy day fund are big factors, but you don’t have to have a rainy day fund to be successful financially. If they called it an emergency fund, now that would make sense.

Another great point was only making minimum payments on your credit cards. This is something my “Husband” and I have been guilty of in the past. It’s what causes him the most financial stress. Now that we have our heads on straight, all extra money goes to savings and debt repayment.

Then came my hysterical laughter. Always wanting a new car. We bought a truck last June, but only because we couldn’t reach 80km/hr in our SUV. This concept relates back to my post on upgrading cell phones. Yes, some people do it for the new technology and status symbol. Then you have people like me who almost die on the way to the dealership because my car was on its last legs.

They then talk about not having disability insurance or life insurance. While this is a great concept for most, it is not always a realistic achievement. I have been looking up health benefits that cover what my provincial government does not. So far the cheapest coverage for my family and I is $233 a month. Please laugh with me while I try to figure out where to come up with that type of change. The article suggest having this just in case something horrible happens to my “Husband” or I. What I am looking for is something just for when my son gets a cavity or when I need to get my glasses prescription renewed. Another article I wrote recently comes to mind: Just For When Vs, Just In Case.

The author of this article doesn’t state that this is targeted at a specific audience, which she should have. The click bait photo of a millennial hipster-looking male makes it seem like she is speaking to my age group , when in reality she should have a mid-40-50 year old in that picture.

Where I thought I would actually find helpful tips, I solely got a good laugh and tons of disappointment.


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