Who You Calling “Sweet Potato?!”

Image result for who you calling sweet potato toy story

All I can think of right now is the scene in Toy Story 3 when Lotso calls Mrs. Potato Head “Sweet Potato.” She loses her mind and says, “Sweet Potato?! Who you calling Sweet Potato?! I have over 30 accessories and demand respect!!”

Anyways. I have been wanting to make my own sweet potato fries for a while. Today I finally made the time for it. Spoiler alert: THEY WERE AMAZING!

My thoughts on this were that by making my own, not only would they be healthier for me but I would save the waste because like everything else in this world they come in packaging.

So I bought one very large sweet potato for $0.87. I wanted to see how many fries I could get out of it.

Image result for mccains sweet potato friesimg_0377.jpg

My usual McCain’s sweet potato fries cost me anywhere between $2.99 and $5.99 depending if they are on sale or not.

Well, this single potato made me 61 fries.


After covering them with oil and spices, I put 30 on a tray and in the oven they went. The other 31 went into a large freezer bag (I know, I know, I really should get on replacing those) sauce and all, for my next craving.

I’ll tell you one thing. These were the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. A little soggy, but full of flavour! I forgot to boil the fries prior to baking them, a friend told me that is the secret tip to making them crispy.

So a little effort and spices (garlic, sea salt, cracked pepper, and cayenne pepper powder) not only have saved me a couple hundred in sweet potato fries this year, but all the packaging that comes with them.

I’d call this a win!



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