Why I Don’t Keep My Kid’s Art

Guilt goes hand in hand with every aspect of this journey. When it comes to things my child makes for me this guilt is magnified by a thousand.

My son goes to a wonderful home daycare here in town. The owner is a good friend of mine. She keep him busy with games, music, and crafts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the art my son brings home every few weeks. It makes my heart happy. We don’t do much crafts right now with him because I don’t really have the patience to fight him on keeping everything out of his mouth. I can’t wait for the day I can set him up at the table for some colouring time without worry, but that won’t be for a long while.

I love his art so much, I hang it on the fridge like any proud parent.

There comes a time though where there is no room for the new art that comes in, let alone things that should actually be on the fridge. My solution for this? At the end of each month, I take down the art and take pictures of it. This way there is room for the next month’s art to display proudly.

I recycle that art and those pictures I save directly to google photos. When we own our own home, I plan to fill it with electronic picture frames that play slide shows of photos (all with be plugged into power bars that can be turned off at night to save electricity and be less wasteful in that aspect).

I plan to hang these on the walls of my son’s future playroom. This way, there is quality art (my personal bias haha) and we will never be bored with the decor as it will constantly be changing.

This concept also applies to family photos. Instead of having large stacks and books of photos laying about, collecting dust, they will be on display throughout our home for anyone to see. This way, if there is a disaster where our possessions are destroyed at least I know our memories will be preserved and ready to re-download when needed.



  1. I’m such a fan of digital art, everything I have is no backed up (after losing it all not once but twice…I finally learned). I’ve tried to convince my parents to let me digitize the photo albums, but they seem to like lugging them out (Who are we kidding, they like storing them and never opening them!). One day I hope to go completely digital in the art and photo department!


    1. Dusting these picture frames and packing them away during a move seen way easier this way! It’ll also make people want to look at them to see what comes next. It’s a really cool concept!

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