In the Words of the Great Medea: HALLELUJER!!


This was my To-Do list today. I got so much satisfaction over being able to check the last item off my list. It has been a long day. If you combine my housework with a restless and angry toddler, you’ll understand why I felt this way.

Let’s start with our challenge!

84 items… I was unsure if I could make this happen. I had a lot of catching up to do. Obviously though, I got it done.

As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to tackle storagepalooza.

Can you spot the difference? I brought 2 boxes of baby clothes upstairs to sort through. This is only the beginning of that process. It wasn’t easy.

Out of the well over 100 baby items in the boxes, 52 made the cut to either be donated to charity or given to my future family member. Like I said, I don’t want to give them all away. If the item made my heart swell from my memories of my son’s infancy or it was a gift from a family member, I kept it. If I could look at it and feel no emotion at all or couldn’t remember who gave it to me, out it went. A lot of the items given away were jeans and overalls. Why did I think  my kid would need 16 pairs of overalls in every single size? He probably only wore 3-4 different pairs. At least I know better now.

Once all the clothes have been sorted through, I will go through my “keep” pile again. If I have 20 pairs of pants in one size, I’ll have to purge again. Out of the two boxes though, my “keep” box is only half-way full. The other box was joined by 2 others for donation or giving away. That’s progress on its own.

I also gave my niece some of my maternity tops. I can always buy more. The only memories they give me are the ones of not being able to sleep at night and feeling fat during the day.IMG_0253

My mother was a huge help today as she gave me a lot of baby clothes that were originally mine and my brother’s. I wanted to make sure that the clothing I gave away was nothing that she would kill me over.

Once we were done sorting through those 2 boxes, she had the idea that she wanted to sort through her closet! I was so proud of how enthusiastic she was. While she trashed A LOT of stuff, she donated a whopping amount of 32 items to charity! Once I finished boxing it away and she got all the garbage and broken things out of her room, she handed me another pile of clothes for tomorrow’s challenge! Look at us go!


All 3 boxes are overflowing and awaiting the call from our local charities to arrange pickup! I bet by the end of the month I’ll have twice the amount of boxes of stuff to give up.

I also used today to get caught up on my Sunday routine chores. I vacuumed the entire main floor. I disinfected our kitchen sinks and every single door handle, light switch, and cupboard handle in our house. While I wish I had the time to do these things everyday, I’ll settle for once a week. Ain’t nobody got time for that – and if you do, kudos to you!

Lastly, I really want to stay on top of my nightstand and purse that were among my first documented purges.

I am a Mom. The areas I spend the most time are going to become hot spots for clutter. It’s inevitable. I just have to focus on them from time to time and all will be fine in my world.

I am proud to show that my nightstand has remained relatively clutter free since my original post. The only things inside that I had to find another home for was a Paw Patrol storybook and my birth control bulk pack. Everything else belonged in there. The top needed to be decluttered and I dusted it. It took 2 minutes or less. Woo!

My “Husband’s” was similar. It needed the top decluttered after a LONG day with our son. All of our son’s juice cups and empty bottles needed to do the walk of shame down to the kitchen. Then after a quick dusting, that was done too. Double woo!

Lastly was the purse. I am not proud of this one. There was so much stuff, my parents were in disbelief as I kept pulling handful after handful of stuff out of it.

As you can see, there was so much paperwork in there that I couldn’t see into the bag. Once that was out of the way, you can kinda see some of the stuff. The entire mess was then resorted and only the necessities were placed back in. I really hope next week I can just do a quick 2 minute clean and be done with it. I can’t even keep a straight face while typing that sentence.



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