Back! Back You Beast! Back! I’m Warning Ya!

My hiatus has come to an end, for now. The past few days have just felt emotionless and exhausting. I have slept a lot of my time away. I binged more Netflix than I care to admit. I have pushed myself to exercise in hopes of boosting endorphins. I have beat the ugly depression monster back to the depths of which it came. My physical pain hasn’t been too bad lately either, so that’s a bonus!

I have not forgotten about our challenge either. Tomorrow I will be back at it. I have to purge 84 items to stay in the game. You know what that means? We are off to Storagepalooza! This will be a great time to get rid of some baby clothes!! My “Husband’s” niece is pregnant so I am sending some clothes down her way! I can only send her the gender neutral clothing, but I am sure I can easily find 84 pieces. That’ll just be the start. We have well over 15 boxes of baby clothes packed away. I want to keep some just in case we decide to have another but I am 80% sure I don’t want anymore. We are nearing the end of the teething phase and I am seriously contemplating not putting myself through that again. We’ll see though. I have a habit of having the worst luck, so I am not getting rid of every single thing.

During this break, I reached my breaking point in my living situation. We have set a date and the end is near. 357 days puts us at the first Monday after all the holidays of January 2019. Whether we move out to rent somewhere or move out to our own house, it’s time. Saving For A Home Take 2 has commenced. I have a minimum and maximum amount that I have to put in the savings account each day, if I work then I can hit the maximum amount and if I don’t I only have to provide the minimum amount.

Over the last five days, I had a nice reminder that I have a loyal audience. My viewings kept going up despite my lack of posting. For that I say thank-you! Thanks for checking in. Thanks for re-reading. I will try to keep this beast tamed for as long as I can this time. I hate when I go down that rabbit hole.



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