What’s Your Poison?

I try to be healthy and partake in activities that enforce a healthy lifestyle.

I eat as healthy as possible without depriving myself of things I love (I’m looking at you sugar and pasta). I try to incorporate veggies and fruits in my daily diet. I drink nothing but water, the odd glass of milk, and a few pops a week. Seriously though, my friend gave me a formula:

Take your weight in lbs and divide that by 2.2. Multiply that figure by your age. Then divide that by 28.3. The final number will be your recommended daily water intake in oz.

If I went solely by that, I should be drinking a minimum of 55.86 oz of water a day (1.65L). I drink closer to 140oz on a good day (4.1L). I don’t drink caffeine via Coffee or Tea, I never really got into that. I was never a big drinker, and I can’t drink alcohol anymore because of my medications. I love Coke-Cola though. That’s my poison. It’s not even the caffeine that does it for me, it’s the sugar.

When I work in the city, the library does not have a microwave available to the public. I got a very snooty response when I inquired about it. Because of that I can’t bring a lunch with me. I don’t enjoy cold food, so please do not suggest that (trust me, I get that advice a lot). There is a strip mall behind the library with a variety of fast food, so I eat there a few days a week. My vice leads me to Wendy’s solely because their large pop is 1.4L and I can choose how much ice I get in it. I love ice.

One of my resolutions this year was no say no to straws! So far 6 days in, I have denied 4 straws. I am okay with popping the lids off my pop cups and drinking it that way. I am still in the process of finding a reusable straw I like. My “Husband” wants us to get him a glass water bottle first before we get reusable straws. I mean, I guess I should include him since we are in this together.

I guess the point to this ramble is that I want to find a cup that restaurants like Wendy’s will let me use if I pay for the drink. Not only would I be finding ways to reduce waste from straws, but also the cups and the cup tops. I go through so many of these in a year, it only makes sense to do something about it. This is my mission for this upcoming week, along with all the others things I have on my to-do list.

So guys, what is your poison? How can you find ways to enjoy it while also trying to better yourself?



  1. If you know how many ounces a cup is, pick the nearest size(rounding up if it’s not an exact match) and ask them to fill it. You can start with a cheap dollar store refillable bottle if finances are a touch tight, and save up for a better one in time. Anyway, several burger kings have put up with my antics- letting me use my own reusable tumbler or filling mine in a drive through for me, and even giving me my fries directly in the bag, sans the plastic lined paper cup(but the paper bags are compostable 😉). Tbh, it’s easier to eat them that way when driving or walking to class, and I didn’t learn that until after I requested them to skip the paper cup. They just use it to measure and put it back on the stack for the next customer. 🙂


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