These Shoes Rule. These Shoes Suck.

10 years ago I was in the 9th grade. For some reason, this song  was “popular.”

Flash forward to today, and I am sorting through a mountain of shoes. This song is playing in my head the whole time.

It started by me looking at this. Our main entrance to the house. Shoes from every season sprawled across the floor.


My kids stuff was everywhere. Shoes he’s outgrown. Just a giant overwhelming mess. So I went to my storagepalooza. Here I have a shoe rack from the days when I had my own place. However, it was also covered with shoes (and loads of dust). I had a lot of work to do today.

It took a while, but I trashed five pairs of shoes from this pile and put seven pairs in a box for next month’s donation. I only kept one pair of shoes from this pile, my “Husband’s” sole pair of dress shoes.

Bringing the shoe rack upstairs was supposed to bring order to the main entrance. Instead, it brings chaos and my laughter.

I sorted through all the shoes, put winter clothes in the wash that were covered  in dust and dirt from being trampled, and put all shoes that belong to other seasons in the hall closet where they belong. I gave the area a thorough vacuum. When trying to sort the shoes to go back on the rack I found 1 pair that needed to be trashed, and 2 baby pairs for donation. My son was born with size 4 toddler feet. He’s now a 7.5 toddler size. He goes through so many shoes.

I also found SEVEN pairs of shoes that did not belong to me, my son, my “Husband,” my mother, or my father. They belong to my prissy brother. He did not like my joke about “messing with his shoes” because he leaves for university in 2 days. Hallelujah! So they sit in a pile because he apparently needs all seven pairs including 2 pairs of flip-flops. I live to make him squirm on days like this.


In total, I have trashed 8 pairs of shoes and donated 7 pairs all the while making the front entrance less of an sore. I’d say it was a pretty good day for the books!

OH! I almost forgot. My Aunt (hey Aunt B!) suggested I make a twitter for the blog. It took a bit because I have always hated twitter but it’s up and running! Follow me @RuralMinimalist


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