Howdy people!

I am sitting at work with 3 hours to kill, no lessons to plan for tomorrow, and all my emails have been sent out! I figure this is a great time to minimise my electronic clutter. I have had this computer since my first year of University in 2012. It will be 6 years old next month! I do not remember the last time I did a thorough decluttering of this hunk of junk.

My Desktop is cluttered with things from throughout the years.


This is my inbox from a year and a half alone.


My downloads file is equally horrendous with 585 items. It’s about time I did something!


I actually sat here for 3 full hours deleting emails, files, and programs from my computer. My shoulder and hips kill from the stationary pain.

The results? 2218 files deleted from my desktop.


1002 emails deleted.


Along with 30 programs from my computer’s hard drive. Just in time for my final session of the day! When I get home from work and wrestle with my lovely child, I will decide what 4 items will take place in the 4th day of our challenge. I’d still call this a productive day!









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