A Day of Lower Waste and Ways to Prevent It

Since ringing in the new year, our lives here have been on the go constantly. Today was no exception.

From picking up an extra session, to running an errand in the city, to grocery shopping and picking my son up from daycare – the day went by in a flash. Throughout the day though I noticed ways to lower the general amount of waste my family creates.

For starters, I bought a large cloth bag of toddler clothing from a family friend. It was so kind of her to offer these items to my son who wears clothes that are the same size as her 3-year-old. By buying used we save waste by not buying new. You’d think that would be common sense now a days. I do have my exceptions but by no means am I going to turn up a deal like this. Clothing a child is expensive!


The next was at the grocery store. I continue to go out of my way to avoid waste when buying my groceries. Fruits and veggies I buy in the areas where I select my own and just toss it in the cart. The way I see it, I wash them anyway before I eat them. Plastic also has chemicals in it that is absorbed into the food we eat. Plastic chemicals or washable germs and dirt? I’ll take the answer is obvious for 2000, please. My mother has even jumped on this bandwagon. She proudly displayed to me the broccoli she bought and didn’t place in a frilly produce bag. Despite the late night sass and sarcasm, I am very proud of her.

I am a pasta fiend. I love me a good bowl of noodles. I also noticed that buying the pasta in the big plastic packages costs less. This one was simple to cut out. There are companies who offer pasta in boxes. I don’t mind paying the extra dollar for less waste. While recycling still counts as waste in a way, it’s better than the non-recyclable packaging that goes straight into our landfills. Eventually I’ll take the trip into the city to check out Bulk Barn and their dried goods section.

Finally, at the checkout, I hesitated. I almost agreed to buying more plastic bags yet again! I stopped myself though and grabbed a cloth bag that they had for sale at the end of the aisle.  To my surprise I was able to fit all of this food into 1 cloth bag, with would have used 3 or 4 plastic bags due to the heavier items.

Also, side note: ALWAYS MAKE A LIST

Yesterday was a horrible birthday for my “Husband.” I lost my Fitbit and made him drive all the way back to my work to see if anyone had turned it into the lost and found. We ran errands all day, for the rest of the day. By the time we made it to the restaurant for his birthday dinner, I was having a horrible fibro flare. I barely ate and on the way home had to use my birthing breathing techniques to deal with the pain. I went straight to bed while he had to handle our overtired toddler. I felt horrible. So I went out of my way today to make him his favourite meal for dinner, chicken potato bake. It is a death-defying obstacle of chicken, potatoes, bacon, onions, and cheese all soaked in a hot sauce and olive oil sauce. No one else in my family will eat this artery clogger so I was going to make 2 meals tonight. Low and behold, come dinner time, I forgot the chicken! So he was very disappointed but ate a contraption I made up for dinner anyways (bacon and veggie pasta pictured below). While it was absolutely delicious, he was not happy that I couldn’t offer him his favourite meal again until next week. We meal plan now Hunny, c’est la vie!


Finally, I had a thought today about one of my favourite foods. Sweet potato fries are so good, but often come in too much packaging. I am thinking about expanding my horizons and learning to make my own! If I make enough in bulk to freeze, then it’s a win-win for both the environment and my wallet!

P.s How is everyone’s resolutions going? So far I have said no to 2 straws. Not too shabby for 3 days in.


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