30 Day Minimalist Challenge – Day 3

Today, I am trashing a large item that has been taking up space since we stopped using it. I present to you, the useless protector band. It was supposed to stop my kid from hurting himself on the slate coffee table. Instead, he pulled it off gradually, day by day, until it was hanging off the table leaving the bonding tape behind. Useless. For some reason, we kept it! It has been sitting in my basement ever since.


Next on the docket, a rogue bottle of bio-oil. This was bought to help deal with the ever-growing stretch marks on my body whilst making a human. My child is 15 months old. The bottle is 25% used. Safe to say, out she went. (To be fair, I tried giving it away a few months back. It just didn’t sit well with me knowing I rubbed the bottle on my skin and then someone else would be doing the same).


Finally, my third item on the third day of the month is not one. It is a pile of clothes, 4 or 5 items, that I bought in 2015! I bought them for my professional year at teachers college. I ordered them online, they didn’t fit right, I got preoccupied, and they were never returned. They still have the tags on them! I don’t believe in reselling clothes. Clothes are something we need in this climate, unfortunately. I am donating this pile of clothes to the Kidney Foundation.IMG_0113

And out the door they went! All of these items came from storagepalooza. I still haven’t made a dent there, all these items were in the same box!


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