The 30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Give me all the strength to get through today.

2 men in my household have the dreaded man cold. “It’s a bad one.” It is also my “Husband’s” birthday. So now on top of him being sick, I’ll hear the “it’s my birthday” excuse all day. Can you hear my excitement? Cause I am super excited.

Today is a day of donation for me. I am donating a bag of food to the food bank (counting it as my one item) and a pair of boots (counting as my second item ) to the Kidney Foundation. They are horrible to put on, so I am not even going to try and sell them. I bought them online, from the US, so the exchange rate to return them will be close to $8 on top of their $5 restocking fee. Not worth the trouble.

I plan to top off the bag of food with a few more items before we hit the road!

What 2 items are you purging today? Remember, you can trash the stuff, donate it, or sell it. The items just have to be out of your possession by the end of the day!



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