Why Waste A Sunday? Part 1 of 3

Today, I plan to utilise every minute of my day.

My son is down for his first nap so I used it to clean and declutter my nightstand and purse. I plan to make this a weekly routine. You’d be surprised how much stuff can be accumulated over a week’s time.

My “Husband’s”  nightstand only needed the top cleaned off.

Unfortunately, most of our daily traffic takes place on my side of the bed.

It did not take long this time, maybe 10 minutes, to get this tidied and decluttered.

My purse is what surprised me, although it really shouldn’t have. I use it as my personal purse as well as my work purse on days that I have 1 or 2 students. So, to no surprise, it was filled with a lot of work tools.

This also did not take long to sort and declutter. All my work tools were easy to put away in their proper places. The receipts were all recyclable since I only used cash to pay on each. My one lip gloss leaked in my purse, but all in all, I was able to decide what I needed to have in there and what could be put away.


My wallet isn’t there now but at least I know when it is I won’t have an issue finding it at the checkout.

I plan to use my Sundays to my advantage. I normally work 12-5 and don’t make use of my mornings or evenings. Every Sunday I plan to give my nightstand and purse a quick once over just to avoid clutter. It doesn’t take long, and I feel good about myself knowing I’ve done something productive.

If you think about it, what are things you could do once a week to make your life just a little bit easier?


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