Lists Are My Favourite Thing!

Today has been a blah day. The snow won’t stop falling, my son has protested naps all day, and my motivation has been slim to none.

As mentioned in my intro blog post, I have Fibromyalgia. This comes with “fibro fog.” My memory is garbage. I rely on lists quite frequently to make it through the day. While I would rather have a brain that functioned properly, I have always loved making lists.

Side note: my brain also remembers the things I wish it wouldn’t. Like this song (this is the only video I could find of it) from when I was a kid that appeared on the TV show “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.” So when I say “lists are my favourite thing!” that’s where I was coming from.

So, back to what I was writing about. I currently have 2 lists that I want to share with you guys.

First, I have my average daily “to do’s.” If I could, I would lay in bed all day, everyday and let the world pass me by. Obviously, I can’t do that. This list is just here to make sure that I complete the essentials in my day, without missing anything. I constantly have that feeling of forgetting something I just thought about.


I do yoga every morning to keep my muscles limber and try to keep flare ups at bay. Aleeve is my best friend though when I can’t. My mother also has fibro (whoopie genetics!) so we are planning to be yoga buddies in the new year so that she can start taking care of herself better.

Obviously I have my daily purge and my daily blog. That’s where the accountability comes into play. I have friends and family who read daily who are always there with the feedback.

My lessons are my day job. My passion. My career. I don’t forget to do them, but having that there is a kick in the butt so I don’t leave them until the last possible minute.

The last 3 items of that list are what I forget to do the most. I am a Fitbit Mom. I have a small group of friends who cheer each other on each week. I think we’ve been at this for almost a year. I also participate in Stepbet with some of them. Getting my steps in is crucial or I’ll be eliminated from that competition. Once again it’s more of a “get your butt in gear” thing because half the time I am pacing the halls at 11pm trying to stay in the game.

Zone of the day represents the blog I follow called FlyLady. It’s a cleaning blog that encourages you to tackles one thing at a time, one area of the house at a time. I really enjoy reading that.

Lastly, there is my budget. My “Husband” and I are determined to get our finances together this year and FINALLY have the means to move out of my parents house. We will have been here 3 years this June. As much as I love my family, I gots to go!! So the word budget is here to remind me to sit down every night, see what purchases I made, put money in it’s designated categories, and hopefully not see useless purchases that undermine my plans and minimalist lifestyle.

Secondly, I have my day planner. I love my day planner, especially right now when it is fresh and brand new. I have been known to destroy them in the past with doodles and notes. Every year I say the same thing “this one will be different.” Let’s see how that goes.


I try to not overwhelm myself. I take it 3 days at a time. Meal plan and plan my purges 3 days at a time. Meal planning with this family is like herding cats. Every one goes in a different direction. I am basically forcing this down my father’s throat as he loves the same meals that rotate every few weeks. It has to stop. This way I am making sure we have not had the same meal within a 3 week span. I did this when I was pregnant for a time and it worked rather well. He was able to see how repetitive our meals have gotten and was more lenient to the process.

Today, I didn’t really have a list. I started working on next week in my day planner. I wanted to get rid of some infant stuff that who knows if I’ll ever need again. I posted 4 items on my local buy and sell, 3 for money – 1 for free. All items have been claimed and 1 picked up so the waiting game begins.

It was a lazy Saturday here at the “Evans” house. Tomorrow at least I have plans for 3 posts and major purging (my days off work mean more time to focus on this plan). Stay tuned.


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