Work Within Your Means, The Rest Will Follow


I started writing this post as a dramatic “Whoa is me!” sort of thing. I quickly realised how redundant I sounded.

One thing I have realised since starting this journey is how much A LOT of people don’t want to hear about Zero Waste. The one article I wrote about Zero Waste is the post that has received the lowest amount of stats.

I live with people who believe that “I’ll be dead, my kids will be dead, my grand kids will be dead, before the Earth ends. Therefore, it’s not my problem.”

Then there is the financial aspect of it all. That is what is holding the majority of me back. To go Zero Waste means to replace all the stuff with items that would help reduce waste in the long run. These things are fricking expensive! I bought myself a glass water bottle so I would stop drinking out of plastic water bottles. It’s working great for me, but it was $35. My “Husband” wants one for himself now, which I have no problems getting. Then there is the Tupperware. It’s plastic. It really has to go. While I will donate it to a charity in need, replacing it with glass tupperware will take time. I have yet to find a suitable one that doesn’t come with plastic tops. All the plastic wrap and aluminum foil needs to be replaced with Beeswrap Food Wraps. It’s a lot!

I personally just wish there were more hours in the day. By no means am I giving up though.

Last night I was listening to another Minimalist podcast where Josh and Ryan answer questions from their fans. At 28:33, this exact question comes up, “do you guys support Zero Waste?” I don’t know what I was expecting to hear. But when Josh straight up says “No, I don’t support Zero Waste.” I was like HOLD UP. WHAT? It was what he said afterwards in his followup answer that made me really think. “I believe in consuming considerably less and producing considerably less waste. I think it is unrealistic to think that people will go out of their way to produce Zero Waste and I don’t think our problem is binary…it’s about radically reducing our consumption so that we can produce less waste in the process.”

I think this is great. This is what I was aiming for originally. I said in my introductory post that I wasn’t going full hippy and giving up toilet paper or diapers for my son. I also said that these two go hand in hand. By buying the better quality things, only when they are needed and purging the things we don’t need (giving away, or selling NOT throwing away) will we see less waste being brought upon ourselves and our planet.

So while I am still on the hunt for ways to limit the waste my family produces, I am more so looking towards ways to prevent waste. This will be done by being conscious about my beliefs in regards to minimalism.

It will take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Blah,  blah, blah. Insert all the positive self-help mumbo jumbo here.

The money for the things I want to replace like the wasteful products that can hurt my long term health and that of my family will  come. I work hard. My business is flourishing. Life is good. So by living within my means, the rest will follow.

Also, as always, #Fuckthehaters

Don’t let anyone get in the way about what you are passionate about.






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