Inspiration – It’s Contagious!

Today a friend from University messaged me.

She told me that my post on decluttering my nightstand inspired her. She took it upon herself to tackle her desk in her dining room. While I didn’t get the before picture, she sent me a picture of everything she dug out of it.


Who am I to judge? Y’all have seen my messes. Nonetheless, I am so proud of her for taking this leap! She said  that they didn’t realise they had that much stuff! That’s the problem. We collect so much stuff for the “what if,” the “some day,” and the “just in case.” Then we forget about it. It piles up. When it finally becomes too much, we forget why we were keeping all this stuff in the first place.

She then sent me a picture of what her desk looked like after the purge, before she went through everything.


Sometimes, we surprise ourselves with how much stuff we can store in small places. She was amazed herself. As was I. I am more of a “keep everything in my reach, in piles” type of person, but I can always tell you where something is – no matter how random.

Once the area is clean, then comes my favourite part. The sorting!

Do you use it everyday? Does it have a purpose? Does it bring you joy? Is it a duplicate?Yes? No? Leave maybe at the door. Maybe is going to bring that stuff back inside and a few months down the road you are going to regret keeping it when you have to declutter yet another area.

The final picture she sent me made me beam with pride.


That’s an area you can work at. Nice, simple, minimalistic! I wish mine looked like that, but it’s a work in progress.

One of my goals I decided on when starting this journey was that I hoped to inspire others in regards to both minimalism and zero waste lifestyle. I am over the moon excited that I have already met my goal there! I love that she shared this story with me.

Feel free to share your stories of decluttering, minimalism, and zero waste with me! I will never post without your permission. No names will ever be stated. Regardless of if I post or not, I will always be there with praise and pride knowing I am not alone on this journey. It’s like I am creating a little community and we are all in this together!


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