Boxing Day Madness

I never leave my house on Boxing Day. I usually spend today at home, relaxing and enjoying my newest trinkets with the company of my family. Today, my “Husband” and I stepped out of our comfort zone. Thankfully, we left our son at home with my mother. He would have lost his mind having to sit in a stroller for hours.

Today, I braved the crowds all for a new phone. My previous one had cracked when it fell out of my truck, had water damage from a brief encounter with my toilet, and for some strange reason was beginning to bend in half. It would type random numbers and words on its own, it would exit and open random apps, it would Facetime people when I had no intention of doing so. It had to go. Especially since I rely on it so much for my business.

We wanted to get away from our current provider, Fido. We felt like we were being gouged. After walking into Bell within minutes they upgraded my Iphone SE all the way to an Iphone 8. They gave us double the data that we had at Fido plus 2 extra GBs a month free and we are paying exactly what we would have paid at Fido. I am over the moon excited about this. I love playing with my new phone!

While we were at the mall, I saw signs EVERYWHERE. 50%, 60%, 70%, 75% off!! I told my “Husband,” “eyes down, keep walking!” Mainly, that was for me. I didn’t need anything other than a new phone. During this trek something that Joshua Fields Millburn, one of The Minimalists, said in a podcast stood out to me. It was in their second podcast titled Technology. He said something along the lines of ‘I try to only buy things at full price. I avoid the sales because then I’m not tempted to bring more useless stuff back into my life.’ Unless it’s absolutely necessary, why buy it?

They also talk about upgrading, he used an example about buying new jeans because the ones he had for 2 years needed to be replaced. This conversation then led to upgrading technology. They ask a series of questions that really make you think. Is the new technology really that different from what you currently have? Are you just upgrading to improve how you look in regards to status? Do you really need to upgrade? Can you afford to upgrade?

Normally, when I hear the word ‘upgrade’ Beyoncé plays in my head “let me upgrade ya, grade ya.” Lately though I have been thinking of what my former boss said when she found out what my phone version was. Her family always had the up to date technology, even her kids. I whip out my Iphone SE one day and she scowls and says, “oooooh, that’s so OLD!” The thing is though, it worked fine at that point.

This kind of relates back to the zero waste aspect I am trying to acheive as well as the minimalistic aspect. We waste techonology when it works fine. We waste money just to have a simple upgrade and the “next best thing.” It’s a status symbol. That’s it.

I’m not trying to bash anyone, by any means. If you have the money to do so and it brings you joy, get crazy! I haven’t been this excited about techonology since I switched from a sliding phone with a full keyboard to an Iphone 4 many moons ago!


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